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6 Tips for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is an exciting experience for nurses, especially for first-time travelers! Congratulations for coming this far! Our recruiters at White Glove Placement, Inc. love working with our travel nurses because we love to place our nurses with nursing jobs that help them to expand their career and reach their goals. If you are a travel nurse, utilize our tips to help get you through your travel nursing experience with White Glove!

Planning is Key!

Before you set forth on your travel nursing journey, make sure your nursing license, health information, and immunization records are up to date. (Have no fear, our trusty recruiters will be here to make sure you have all your documents ready!) Be sure to ask your recruiters all your questions, such as confirming pay rates, how long your travel assignment will be, and what benefits you will be offered.

Don’t be afraid to travel!

Remember to take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to take a risk! This is your chance to show the world what you are made of so don’t be afraid to travel far from home. Be flexible and open to various travel nursing opportunities to help get your foot in the door. Your first assignment will always seem scary at first but have faith in your nursing skills and trust that you can get through any obstacles that are thrown at you.

Do your research!

When you get your  travel assignment, make sure you research the location you are traveling to. Ask your recruiters about housing accommodations and familiarize with the area of where your assignment is and how you can commute to work. Make sure to research about the climate of where you are traveling to, so you can pack smart and avoid bringing your whole closet with you! In addition, get familiar with where the nearest grocery is, hot spots to check out on your days off, and places you should avoid.

Make your home arrangements before leaving!

Since most travel assignments are temporary decide what you will be doing about your home before you leave. Will you have someone look after your place while you are gone? Will you forward your mail? Do you need to cancel your cable and Wi-Fi services? While there are a lot of things to think about before you start your travel nurse assignments, make sure you make all your arrangements at home before leaving so that you can be a little more at ease while you are away.

Make Connections!

The travel nursing network has a great community of nurses who travel across the world. Get to know your coworkers and other travel nurses to learn about their experiences and to help guide you through your journey. Make sure to also stay connected with your recruiter, because they are on your side and here to help you succeed through your travel nursing career.

Have Fun and Good Luck!

Make the most of your travel nursing assignment by enjoying your temporary home and the people around you. Let your experiences help shape you and excite you for your next travel assignment. Remember your recruiters are there for you every step of the way and you can reach out to them when you’re ready to explore new nursing opportunities!

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