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7 Ways to Help You Cope with Stress as a Caregiver

7 Ways to Help You Cope with Stress as a Nurse

Our Caregivers have remained vigilant and strong throughout all the hardships they have had to face. We are so proud of our nurses and all the other healthcare workers for all they have done for our community. We know their job is no easy task, so we have compiled some tips to help our nurses cope through the stress at work.

Remember to Breath

Did you know that breathing can release endorphins that help you feel calmer? When the going gets tough, always remember to breathe. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and out through your mouth from the abdomen.

Get Organized

Get yourself together by staying organized. Plan a morning routine for yourself (or afternoon if you work night shifts). Schedule your workdays by setting up your alarm early enough to get everything you need to get done to avoid rushing out the door like a mess.

Get Some Exercise

Sometimes all you need to help relieve some of that work tension is a good workout. Whether it be a strenuous kickbox session to let out some steam, a jog or walk around the block, or even some yoga for some deep meditation. Whatever outlet you choose to use, let that be your escape from the built-up stress you’ve obtained.

Talk it Out

Sometimes all you need to help relieve work stress is venting to your best friends. So, make sure to stay in touch with your friends and talk it out. What else are friends for?

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Who else gets hangry after missing a meal or two? Maintaining a healthy diet regularly can help boost your stamina and your patience levels. Always remember to stay hydrated and try to schedule breaks to eat even if it is just a snack.

Get your sleep!

As hard as it is, it is important for you to try and get a good sleep schedule in to help avoid your body feeling so tired and drained. Try avoiding being on your phone before bedtime and instead create a more calming sleeping routine like including some meditation time right before bed.

Stay Positive!

Reduce stress by reducing the negativity that may follow you at work. Instead of focusing on the bad, try and focus on the good. Remember that you are a lot stronger than you think you are and you are always capable of greatness.

You Got This!

The next time work stresses you out, follow these tips to help get you back on track. We are thankful for all our White Glove Placement nurses for all they do, and we are always rooting for you to succeed. So, remember to breathe, get organized, stay healthy, talk it out, get some sleep, and stay positive. You got this!


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