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Seven Reasons You Should Consider Travel Nursing Today

Do you have a passion for helping others, an adventurous spirit, and the ability to work in a high-stress, fast-paced environment? Travel nursing could be the perfect job for you. As a travel nurse, you get paid to travel to different parts of the country and help others.

Travel nursing benefits

Seven Simple Reasons Why You Should Consider Travel Nursing:


  • High Demand: There is a serious nursing shortage in the United States right now. The current nursing profession primarily consists of Baby Boomers who are reaching the age of retirement, leaving too many positions and not enough nurses to fill them. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that more than one million new and replacement nurses will be required throughout the U.S. by the year 2016. Since nurses are in such high demand, you’ll always be guaranteed to find work (especially in higher populated areas, such as the southern and western states).
  • Flexible Schedule: Travel nursing positions offer more flexibility than a normal job. Nursing assignments typically last anywhere from 4-16 weeks, but they can last even longer depending on your preferences. Flexible scheduling also allows you to take breaks when you need to for family events, vacations, or just to relax. You get to decide when you want to work, which is more flexibility than most standard office jobs allow.
  • Compensation, Bonuses, and Benefits: Travel nursing salaries are some of the highest in the profession. They earn more on average than permanent full-time employees. Compensation for travel nurses ranges anywhere from $25-$50 per hour, depending on the location and assignment. Many staffing agencies also offer competitive benefits packages that include medical, dental, and life insurance. Some will also reimburse you for malpractice insurance. Agencies may also offer referral bonuses for bringing in new nurses and bonuses for completion of your assignment. These bonuses can range anywhere from $500 to $3,000.
  • Travel and Explore: Have you ever wanted to travel the world or considered relocating, but lacked the time and funds? Travel nursing is a great way to explore other areas of the country. Assignments are usually long enough to allow you to get acclimated to your surroundings, explore the area, and see the local sights in your off time. Many agencies will also pay or reimburse you for your relocation fees and provide free, fully furnished housing. From New York to Los Angeles, explore various regions throughout the country.
  • Impacting Others: Nursing is a fulfilling career that allows you to impact the lives of others every single day. As a travel nurse, you’ll be sent to areas that desperately need your help. This allows you to make a difference in the lives of those who need you the most. The job is challenging but definitely rewarding.
  • Build Your Skills: Another benefit of travel nursing is the versatility and variety of positions. Your assignments will vary, which allows you to explore different specializations and gain valuable experience in several different nursing disciplines. You can find new adventures working in a hospital, as a home health care nurse, and more. This makes you a more well-rounded nurse and makes your expertise more valuable. You’ll also get to work in a variety of facilities, which gives you a unique perspective and the potential to work at some of the top facilities in the country.
  • Continuing Education: Becoming a nurse can cost a lot of money, between receiving your RN/BSN/LPN and applying for a license in each state you work. Most staffing agencies will reimburse travel nurses for their licensure costs. Some also offer a yearly education reimbursement to continue your studies. This reimbursement may only cover part of your studies, but it will help offset your costs and help ease the burden of furthering your education.

If this sounds interesting, do some research on the best travel nursing agencies in your area. All you need is a nursing degree to get started. Travel nursing is ideal for a young, adventurous person that’s looking to start his or her career without sacrificing the freedom to travel and explore by being tied down to one monotonous position. For those in the greater New York area, White Glove Care can help you get started and placed in the travel nursing position that best suits your needs. Contact us today or apply online to get started and take the first step towards a rewarding career in travel nursing!


Posted on June 4, 2015 in Blog

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