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A Sincere Thank You

Lissyama Mathews Receives a Sincere Thank you Note from her Patient

It always feels great being recognized, especially as one of those miracle workers on your feet for 12 consecutive hours. Whether it is your agency, or your facility commending you, it proves that amidst the thankless job we do, with a heart full of warmth and compassion, there are those who admire the miles we go for another. Yet, it’s quite something else, when that thank you comes from a patient your cared for, and the cherry on top is when that thank you is dropped directly to your manager on the floor.

Lissyama Mathews, or Lissi as we call her, has carved her special place in our teams more than ten years ago, yet her passion has not dissipated one drop since we got to know her. Alternating between the Mother Baby floor, and L & D, she thrives on the happiness enveloping the start of life units.  When Lissi was told by her supervisor that a Thank You note was dropped on her behalf it made her smile.

The note read:

Dear Mrs. A.,

My name is. S. H.. This is my 5th delivery in this hospital. I am writing to you to inform you on how wonderful your staff members have made my stay here. One nurse I really admire is Mrs. Matthew. The encouragement and patience that she has is incredible. It didn’t matter how many times; she always had a smile on her face and good spirits. I really appreciate people like her. She made my stay here amazing. Thank you for everything. Mrs. Mathew is one of the best nurses that I have seen in a ling time. I can tell this is not just a job for her, it is a passion. We need more people like her in the medical field. I give thanks for all the support that was given here.

Sincerely, S.H.

“It was not the first time I received a thank you note from my patients, yet each time I get emotional again knowing the difference I make in their lives.” She told Gracy, her White Glove Placement Specialist who goes back in time with Lissi, and even the unspoken is understood between them.

Gracy was thrilled to hear that Lissi’s patients acknowledge the depth of her caring. “Lissi is a prize for her patients. Her devotion and excellence are unreal. I was glad the facility she works at knows to value her genuine caring personality.”

Lissi loves working with White Glove because “It is where I finds unlimited opportunities, plus the people you work with work with you. They are just great and responsive, always.”

Originally, from India, Lissi is not only a seasoned nurse but the mom of three beautiful children who try emulating their special mom. Her oldest daughter, Christina is a Doctor in Chicago, and her son, Thomas is an Engineer. Her youngest daughter, Abbie – is a nurse like her mom.

In her free time – if she finds any, you’ll find her nurturing the flowers in her garden or spending time with the beautiful children she is proud of.

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