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An Emotional Farewell

Staffing Coordinator Bid an Emotional Farewell with a Sensational Poetry

Sara Fuchs has given her incredible all for more than six years, doing her job first as a recruiter and later as a staffing coordinator with the extra punch. When an unexpected emergency cropped up that obliged her to be more available at home, it found her completely off guard and devastated. As she expressed to our team. “White Glove is not another workplace to me; it is my home.” She found it very emotional sending her formal resignation to a company she is so fondly attached to. “I wrote out a resignation letter countless of times, but every version was too cold to express all the gratitude I am feeling” she said. Sara is the one who got the most cynical of our staffing teams to a state of absolute laughter, while she would stay with the same straight face and twinkle in her eye. Now, she was getting teary-eyed when she needed to get that letter over. It was so like Sara when she took all the feeling and made it into a most sensational resignation poetry. With her consent, we brought it to you.

Sara Fuchs

August 18, 2022

White Glove Placement Inc. | 89 Bartlett Street | Brooklyn, New York 11206

Dear White Glove Placement,

Some people have a home,

Then they go out to work,

While I went out to work,

To a place I can call home.


A workplace has rules,

With no negotiations,

Strong and set boundaries,

With frequent confrontations.


My “home place” has a structure,

In perfect moderation,

There is so much understanding,

Impressive communications


A “workplace” may be cold,

Its atmosphere so frigid,

Lacking the personal touch,

And sometimes even rigid.


My “home place” knows of warmth,

Camaraderie in the air,

Colleagues are my friends,

Forever being there.


A workplace” does demand,

Their workers to comply,

Expectations may be hazy,

The stress so very high.


My “homeplace” gives instructions,

So clear with no confusion,

In the work and home-life balance,

There is never an intrusion.


A “workplace” will reward,

With salary and pay,

Those stretching way beyond,

For their work every day.


My “homeplace” knows of giving,

Bonuses and raises,

They show much appreciation,

With events and many praises.


A “workplace” can be harsh,

Your voice may stay in you,

Opportunities are offered,

Very far, between and few.


My “homeplace” values talent,

Of each member, no seclusion,

Promotions offered equal,

With diversity and inclusion.


I can’t believe the time has come,

It’s a moment I can’t face,

To bid farewell to my work,

That is truly my home place.


Yet I am forced to say goodbye,

To the employment that I love,

But I hope to be back soon,

At my fond and great White Glove!


Sara Fuchs, Staffing Coordinator

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