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How Foreign Nurses Make it an American Nursing Dream Reality

How Foreign Nurses Make it an American Nursing Dream Reality with White Glove Placement Nursing may be the default setting for many foreign graduates, but that does not reflect on an easy process or promising opportunities for caregivers abroad. With the jobs and salaries back home being a naughty comparison to the compensation provided in […]

Happy 4th of July!

It’s Red, White, Blue; and Nurses Oh yes! The red whites and blues have given strength to every citizen who enjoys the rights of life liberty and pursuit of happiness. Yet the celebration of independence is considerably meaningful to our valued caregivers at White Glove who promote the wellness, safety, and independence of ill patients [...]

The 9 Biggest Mistakes Remote Healthcare Professionals Tend to Make

When you are a nurse working in an office or facility, remote nursing may sound all handy – dandy and convenient.  However, recent statistics have proven that 30% more remote nurses would be challenged with nurse burnout or stress, than those working in the facilities. In most instances, the frustration is caused by the nine […]

White Glove Placement Nurses Go Places This Summer

Summer makes the ultimate time to go places and explore new horizons. White Glove Nurses grab the opportunity to merge a fun travel experience with the highest paying nationwide jobs. Before taking the leap, let us get some great tips and insight from White Glove Travel Pros what we need to know before flying. “Travel […]

Nurse’s Week Deals

This is YOUR week! Although we like to celebrate our nurses every day, May 6-12 is dedicated to all the incredible nurses around the world. We are thankful for everything you do for our community so we are here to bring you some of the great deals being offered to nurses that you can take […]

Dream Big. Go Far. – Meet our White Glove Nurses

We always inspire our nurses to chase after their dreams because we believe they have what it takes to make a difference. At White Glove Placement, Inc. we offer foreign nurses the chance to make it in America with our nursing sponsorship program we offer. Check out our nurses below who have been making strides […]

National Pizza Day

Pizza and nurse go together A pretty cheesy comparison, there are certainly some characteristics the wonderful nurses we know share with the worlds’ favorite fast food. Both being loved and popular, they will equally spice up anyone’s day. Like nursing care, your pie may be customized for your individual needs and taste. Click HERE to […]

Nursing Essentials

Although your skills and your compassion are your most valuable tools in the nursing world. It is also good to have some of these useful nursing essentials to help you through your everyday nurse life. Good Scrubs Don’t buy scrubs you can’t move in. As a nurse you are always on the go so make […]


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