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Blue Trophy Award

2023 Annual Blue Trophy Award Winner to be Announced by Mid-January About the Annual Blue Trophy Nursing Award: Suspense is high in those days, with hundreds of White Glove nurses and inhouse staff members anticipating who will be announced as the winner of the White Glove Annual Blue Trophy Nursing Award of 2023. The Annual […]

Holiday Top-ten Self-Appreciation Gestures

No words necessary when you can see the results live, how healthcare professionals took the opportunity this Thanksgiving to thank themselves instead of everyone else. Many amongst these elite healthcare crowd are so used to only thinking about others and we got numerous inquiries if they can get a gift for someone else instead. We [...]

Is There Truth to the Travel Nurse Stereotype?

The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest theoretical conflicts in psychology, centering on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance versus environmental and outer factors on a human being. When it comes to travel nursing, it is proven that nature will prevail. Here is quick personality check. Would you describe yourself with any […]

NYC is Still the Winning Travel Destination

Boasting more 116 historic landmarks, cultural diversity, and the most prestigious job opportunities, the big Red Apple continues to be the most sought-after year-round destination for travel nurses. New York travers are twice as likely to renew their contract or pursue another contract in the state than those traveling to San Diego and three times […]

4 Tips to Avoid an Inferiority Complex as a Travel Nurse

It is not like you need to be a travel nurse to stand at risk of feeling too humbled. It can happen to anyone. The reason why travel nurses stand at greater risk is because they are usually more aware of their surroundings and tend to take note of one another to do everything right. […]

Thank You Caregiver

50 Ways for Patients to Thank Their Caregiver on Thanksgiving Thank you for putting yourself on the front line. We greatly appreciate your service. We need you more than anything Thank you for all your devotion! We are so proud of you. You make the world a better place We are deeply indebted to you! […]

Thanksgiving Contest 2022

A Thanksgiving Contest: Did You Say Thank You.. Me? Are you done with brainstorming how to thank your neighbors, friends, parents, colleagues, and supervisors? Disclaimer: This means NOT that your thanksgiving gifting duties are over for you. Rather, it has just begun. We can tell you forgot about the greatest person in your life, [...]

Emotional Wellness Month

How to Sturdy a Patient’s Emotional Wellbeing in the Thick of Struggles Keeping your emotional and mental state at a solid and balanced altitude can be a challenge for anyone withstanding a stressful season. Patients who are constantly constrained by a backdrop of limitations or disabilities are more prone to have outer occurrences trigger their […]

Managing Financial Stability

How to Floor Financial Stability Amid Hovering Recession Concerns Although daily life is not affected yet by any real symptoms other than the outrageous price hikes, recession concerns are a rustling undercurrent in our brains. It is impossible to leave those worries niggling at the backend when reflecting to the sharp decline of employment opportunities […]


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