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Destination Highlight: Rochester, NY

Here are our official guidelines for summer assignments: you must like and love it, or love it and like it. We encourage our nurses to spend this fantastic time of the year on uncompromising top-rated assignments in destinations that capture your heart.

June 1 – June 30: Rock it in Rochester

 Embrace a fantastic summer with one of our Rochester, NY, offers, and we’ll top it off with a free season pass to Seabreeze Amusement + Water Park. To qualify, accept an assignment in Rochester NY before June 30 – with a start date before July 31.

Why we chose Rochester, NY, as a Summer Highlight

Personal Feedback from Travel Nurses 2023

In 2023, White Glove nurses on Rochester assignments gave us raving regards like no other place. In addition to the top-rated friendly facilities, nurses highlighted the stunning attractions, pleasant weather, outdoor activities, diverse entertainment options, and so much more. Let’s take a quick tour to see if Rochester is where you want to spend the sunny weeks ahead!

There is something in it for everyone!

For Art Lovers

The city is a hub of cultural and recreational activities, offering a well-rounded experience for nurses seeking adventure and relaxation. On your days off, you can explore world-class museums, art galleries, and historic landmarks, which can be a refreshing way to expand your perspective and find inspiration outside of the hospital environment.

For Foodies

Rochester offers a diverse culinary scene and an abundance of farm-fresh produce at local markets. These support a healthy lifestyle essential for nurses working demanding shifts.

For Outdoor enthusiasts

The area boasts awe-inspiring natural beauty, with stunning waterfalls at Letchworth State Park and the serene shores of Lake Ontario, providing the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation after long shifts at work. There are many beautiful parks where you’ll find various outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and picnicking.

For the shy or outgoing

Rochester’s friendly and welcoming community will make you feel right at home. As nurses, forming connections with others is vital to our personal and professional lives. Building a support system in a new city can be invaluable, and Rochester’s community is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Oh – that weather!

Rochester enjoys delightful summer weather, with plenty of sunshine, gentle breezes, and an average temperature of around 75 degrees. While some days can get a bit warmer, the evenings bring a refreshing coolness to the region, creating the perfect atmosphere for outdoor enjoyment.

Every new environment and experience can contribute to our personal and professional growth. Make this summer one to remember by embarking on a thrilling nursing adventure. Rochester or elsewhere – let’s connect to find you the perfect match!



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