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Dream Big. Go Far. – Meet our White Glove Nurses

We always inspire our nurses to chase after their dreams because we believe they have what it takes to make a difference. At White Glove Placement, Inc. we offer foreign nurses the chance to make it in America with our nursing sponsorship program we offer. Check out our nurses below who have been making strides in their nursing career.

Pamela D. RN

Pamela is a nurse from Sorsogon, Philippines. She was a nurse for 6 years in the Philippines before her aunt recommended her to apply for nursing agencies that can help her through sponsorship. Out of all the agencies she applied for, she said White Glove was the only one who reached back to her, which she was thankful for. She said the application process was easy as she applied online, and the process took about a year.

She arrived in New York in 2005, starting off as a Med Surge nurse for one of New York’s hospitals. In total she has 11 years of Med Surge nursing experience, 2 years of oncology nursing, and now works in Telemetry.

The adjustment to the nursing job wasn’t hard for her due to her experience as a nurse back home. She said the biggest challenge was more from the language barriers she faced amongst her and her colleagues. Culture shock was another obstacle she faced as she was shocked at the way people dressed compared to the people back home.

When asked what she misses back home, she said she missed her mom the most. She is the youngest out of 7 children so missing her family was a challenge when she first arrived. Now she is happily married with a 7-year-old son. During her days off she enjoys spending time with them, relaxing, and watching tv like cartoons with her son or tuning in to her favorite Korean dramas.

Her biggest advice to other nurses is to keep an open mind, expect separation anxiety, but know that you will be making a difference by doing what you need to provide for your family back home. She said back then it was hard to make ends meet so it motivated her to become a hardworking nurse.

I asked Pamela if she would recommend White Glove to other nurses and she said, “Yes. 150% to 250% yes!” In fact, she has a niece who just signed her contract with White Glove and is waiting for her visa to process to come here. Her nephew is also waiting to process his papers as well. She is truly grateful to White Glove for helping her family receive this opportunity.

Sheila M. RN

Sheila is a nurse from the Philippines who was recommended by her nursing friend and arrived here in 2011. She said her application process was fast and she received her Visa in 8 months. She has 16 years’ experience as a nurse. She started as an ER nurse, when she first arrived in New York and worked as an HHA on the weekends for White Glove. Now she works as an OR nurse.

One of her biggest challenges was the culture shock going from a small hospital in the Philippines into the bigger sized hospital facilities in New York. When asked what she missed from the Philippines, she said she missed the people.

Like most Filipinos, Sheila was pressured to become a nurse by her mother but grew to love nursing because she enjoys taking care of people. In fact, she is so hardworking that she holds four different jobs and works 6 days a week. On her day off she enjoys relaxing and unwinding at home.

Sheila’s advice to future nurses interested in moving to New York is you must “start from the bottom and work hard to get what you want.” She says although you can expect to be homesick, to be efficient working hard and dedication is key to your success.

Hasmin S. RN

Hasmin is a nurse from the Philippines. Unfortunately for her case she said she waited 6 years for her to arrive to New York after applying because she faced some issues with her Visa. She said White Glove was very helpful throughout the process and always kept in touch with her. She was recommended to White Glove through a fellow nurse friend who arrived to New York before her.

She decided to become a nurse because she wanted to be of service to the people in her community. She loves being a nurse because she loves being able to help others as well as the job security the field offers her. She has 15 years of nursing experience with focus on Gynecology and Obstetrics. Now, she is working with Geriatric care.

Hasmin enjoys sleeping in on her days off as well as watch films. She even has a passion for writing and enjoys reading books as well. When asked what she misses about the Philippines, she says she misses her family the most but is in the works of getting them here to New York.

Her advice for other nurses looking to New York is to not be afraid of the struggle. Her tip to overcoming the fear is to set your goals and have a purpose. She says the job will be stressful as you get through the transition into working in a new environment, but everything will work out fine if you stay true to yourself and follow directions. She says, “what’s important is doing what you can to update your skills and do what you can to protect yourself, your patients, and your license. At the end of the day, you’re still a nurse and you have to do it.”

When asked if she would recommend White Glove to other nurses, she said, “of course!”

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