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Exclusive Vacation Discounts for White Glove Nurses

Exclusive Vacation Discounts for White Glove Nurses

Vacation, staycation, or relaxation, however you are in to spend the enchanting summer season – happy planning! When the sun is up, and our spirits high extracurricular fun activities beckon to us.  Where our travels or adventures tend to get hedged is when it meets the dollar punch point. White Glove partners with Tickets at Work to bring popular attractions for affordable prices to you! They have special offers both nationwide and abroad! Peek how you can maximize the experience while minimizing the cost at the same time.

Discounts you can count on when making the plans:

 I am traveling!

  • Up to 60% on upscale hotels or vacation rentals!
  • Discounted rates at the most popular theme parks and attractions you dream of!
  • Great deals on Rental Cars wherever your destination is – up to 25% off!
  • Wet fun at Waterparks with your best buddies!

 I am Staying!

  • Fabulous shopping deals to air out guilt free!
  • Movie tickets to your favorite Broadway hits!
  • Preferred access to sports, concerts, and other memorable events!
  • Discounts for Spa, Wellness to rejuvenate and relax with self-care!

3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Tickets at Work

  1. Reach out to your White Glove career coach or staffing coordinator to obtain your personal promo code to Tickets at Work.
  2. Visit and click to become a member. Enter your email address and promo code.
  3. You are ready to plan your discounted summer break with White Glove Exclusive Discounts


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