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From Job to Hob Time

Nurses and hobbies make great friends

If you wonder why nurses need hobbies, it is time to mirror your reflection. Nurses work hard. They perform care on round-the-clock shifts in fast paced, tense environments. Nurse folks go beyond the duty human owes the mankind. The pressure is high. Stress is always present. Outlets are important. After a rigorous workday, feel the tension fade into your painting strokes, and feel your joyful smile appear as you knot those last stitches on your shawl. Hobbies are a destress winner. Discover the hidden talents you never knew existed; explore your hobby.

Art is the father of inner expression. We may not be aware of the emotions existing beneath the surface, but it is our inner self that paints the strokes and mirrors on the canvas. It may seem weird but scanning another’s artwork is like peeking into their soul. With mediational benefits, it is therapeutic for relaxing tense emotions or insecurity. You are likely to choose a quiet place for painting, where you can let your mind and brush go free. Yet, some do prefer drawing in more active places. They feel noise gets more vivid colors in their artwork.

Being a brainless activity, fishing makes the perfect hobby for thinkers. It is especially serene, always taking place next to the waterfront. Fishing has been proven to improve physical health, tranquil sleep, social connection, improved work performance and increased happiness. Recent studies show it is most supportive for people suffering from PTS. Being exposed to plenty of drama and suffering each day, it makes an ideal experience for a nurse.

Pens make safe pals. Keeping a diary is an old phenomenon. It is comparable to journaling with some slight yet strong differences. In diaries one would think as they write every detail of their daily happenings, whereas journaling allows your pen to run free. What you write will probably not end up in useful writing, but rather ink spitting random thoughts on paper. It is a healthy brain declutter. After a stressful day you may find your journal the perfect partner to listen to any anger, sadness, disappointment or any unnamed feeling. Giving it all out will lend peace of mind and serenity. You may choose to end with a gratitude log of the great things that happened to bring positive emotions to the forefront.

If you think the benefits of knitting are reserved for the senior population, you are wrong. Even young and sprite individuals may gain great perks of the ritual movements of this fine art. It serves as a great distraction, calls for meditation, bringing productive results at the same time. It also improves concentration and helps you focus on your goals. The beautiful outcome brings immeasurable satisfaction.

A related hobby to art, crafting will be associated with similar advantages. When crafting, you are transitioning into the creative world where nothing else exists. It is especially interesting when you get to brainstorm how to be resourceful and use items around the house for an alternative purpose. Decorating a simple box into a lovely magazine holder or upgrading a glass to a flowerpot is a rewarding experience that will make you happy and proud of yourself.

We love different! Send us your photos doing your individual hobby activities and get rewarded!

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