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How Foreign Nurses Make it an American Nursing Dream Reality

How Foreign Nurses Make it an American Nursing Dream Reality with White Glove Placement

Nursing may be the default setting for many foreign graduates, but that does not reflect on an easy process or promising opportunities for caregivers abroad. With the jobs and salaries back home being a naughty comparison to the compensation provided in the States, many nurses see the American Flag waving at the shore as an ‘American Dream” that’s unattainable.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Queenie Montenbon, and ICU Nurse Mary Ann Alcansare proved this stereotypical image completely wrong when they joined the White Glove Foreign Sponsorship program. These nurses enjoyed a seamless journey to a bright future.

Queenie and Marie Ann are impassioned to spread the word of their experience to their fellow Filipino graduates and more foreign nurse – so they shared their story with, a Filipino based news platform.

Read their story HERE

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