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How to Keep Healthy at the Airport

As travel nurses, going from one airport to the next depending how many travel connections you need to make to get to your final destinations can be draining. We are here to offer some ways to help you keep healthy while at the airport, especially when you arrive there two hours ahead of your departure.

Take the Stairs/ Avoid Moving Walkways

Utilize your free time, while waiting for your flight by getting your steps in. Skip the escalators and go for the stairs and skip the moving walkways and earn more steps the long way. This will also help keep your muscles moving and heart flowing, which is great if you’re about to board a long flight.

Eat Healthy

Pack healthy snacks prior to getting to the airport to avoid reaching for fast food. If you do choose to grab food at the airport, look for healthier options by finding shops with healthier snacks or cafes that offer salads and wraps.

Avoid “Stress Eating” or “Bored Eating”

Waiting for flights can be stressful and sometimes boring when you are traveling alone. Avoid eating just because you’re bored or feeling stressed and instead make sure you stay hydrated and fill yourself up with water instead.

Limit Alcohol Intake

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your new adventure. Just be smart about limiting your intake before a flight. This will help you avoid unwanted calories and keep you coherent throughout your flight. If you must grab a drink stick to a glass of red wine or choose a hard seltzer, that offers less sugar and calories.

Visit a Spa

Plenty of airports across the US now have spas available. Utilize your free time by treating yourself to a massage because self-care is very important, especially if you’re nervous about starting a new travel assignment.

Have a Safe Flight!

Wherever your next travel nursing assignment takes you, we hope you stay safe and well. Remember to always wash your hands often and carry sanitizing wipes to wipe down seats, arm rests, and table trays to keep you safe from germs.

Looking for a new travel assignment? Check out our jobs or contact our recruiters to help get you packing for your next trip!

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