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Is There Truth to the Travel Nurse Stereotype?

The nature versus nurture debate is one of the oldest theoretical conflicts in psychology, centering on the relative contributions of genetic inheritance versus environmental and outer factors on a human being. When it comes to travel nursing, it is proven that nature will prevail.

Here is quick personality check.

Would you describe yourself with any of the following adjectives?

☐  Fun-loving

☐  Adventurous

☐  Adaptable


☐  Friendly

☐  Curious



Easy to adjust





Yup! You have brilliantly guessed it… If you answered yes to the bulk of those traits than you are a born travel nurse.

Some argue that the travel nurse persona is a wild stereotype, but it is a false claim. Successful travel nurses are fun, awesome, adaptable, quick to adjust, friendly, curious, and very savvy before all. The kind of person who would not leave the beach before their foot made a tidy print on the sand.

Still, while not everyone can become an athlete, any determined nurse can certainly wrap themselves in some travel nurse spirit and get on to the ride too.

It is only understandable that successful travelers do not go into any assignment in a blindfold. They study the market in every aspect to ensure a superlative thirteen week cross. 30% of travelers believe their experience is most impacted by the agency they are working for, while 45% believe it is the pay compensation that matters most. 15% of contract nurses will first consider the housing, stipend, and contract location, when the remaining 10% feel that you must have a personal touch recruiter to optimize the travel experience.

Which is why we find the most fun loving, adventurous and savvy travel nurses partner with White Glove Placement for an all-encompassing experience to the destinations of your dream.



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