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Managing Financial Stability

How to Floor Financial Stability Amid Hovering Recession Concerns

Although daily life is not affected yet by any real symptoms other than the outrageous price hikes, recession concerns are a rustling undercurrent in our brains. It is impossible to leave those worries niggling at the backend when reflecting to the sharp decline of employment opportunities in 2008. It would be sensible that recession should not touch the essential healthcare market, but the collected data of the great recession has proven otherwise. Hospital needs were slashed by 40% causing employed nurses to be on their feet continuously with a doubled nurse to patient ratio. While the recession talk won’t help us much, we collected some useful tidbits of advice how to secure your job if the grim predictions become real.

Make Yourself Be an Irreplaceable Member of the Team in 5 (not always) Easy Steps

Renew Your Contract Rather Than Looking for a New One

The contract dilemma is infamously at fault for numerous sleepless nights for travel nurses and allied health professionals. Renew your contract or fish something new that may offer other fringe benefits and a different experience? It is another 90 days of life to be carefully considered. Under usual circumstances, we would recommend trying something new, especially if you are an adventurous kind of person who thrives on changes. Yet this is a time to reconsider renewing your contract and staying with the same facility for longer. In 90% of cases, the new nurses are the first ones to get cancelled or laid off in the event of hospital staffing cutbacks.

Be a Team Player

By assisting colleagues and going the extra mile, you will become an indispensable member on the floor.  Teamwork is appreciated by both providers, charge nurses, supervisors, and patients.

Be Flexible with Your Facility

We like it when the facility is flexible and accommodating with us because it makes it easier for us that we never have to think twice about sorting things out. From the facility aspect, they also like to work with the caregivers who are easygoing with the scheduling and flexible to work with.

Ask Your Patient to Write a Review on Your Service (with a Mention of Your Name, of Course)

We’ll tell you a little secret of a powerful tool that hospitals just love. Were you really ingenious enough to guess it..? Yes, it is reviews. When you feel you truly assisted a patient who is feeling grateful, you can ask them or the family members to rate the hospital and make a mention of your name too. Just make sure in some round-about-way it comes to your director.

 Look Out if the Unit You Are Working at Is Overstaffed

This is no rule, but generally, if the unit you are working at is overstaffed and potential budget cuts are forcing the hospital to reconsider some contract, chances are.. which employees will first be cancelled? Though it is more difficult working in a tighter staffed unit, it will give more financial stability in the event the ground starts quaking.

In full honesty, we dreaded writing about the doom’s day possibilities. It is our high hope those weary predictions end up being a false call, yet we want to help our nurses and allied health professionals be financially secured should anything change in the market’s equilibrium.

Still concerned? Your recruiter is here to discuss the possibilities that will suit you best, both for today and the questioned tomorrow. Secure your job today here.


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