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@Whiteglovenursing New on Instagram!

Come up and follow our new and revamped @whiteglovenursing only if you are in for fun, love to laugh, are fond of connecting with more nurses, have an aversion to being too serious, and want to stay in the loop of the hot news.

Wonder why White Glove Placement recreated your social media experience?

Promote laughter after a hard day at work.

Nursing is a hard job, let’s not kid ourselves. We are on our toes all day. Our patients are demanding, documentation needs to happen, and with the increased nurse to patient ratios, well how shall we put it? We hustle. And how! In those moments @whiteglovenursing is the perfect place to unwind with the most hilarious personification of a healthcare day.

Connect with More Nurses.

Having nursing peers sharing your mindset helps you keep your passion flowing in the tough of seasons. Plus, the proper connection helps you get the right advice you need.

@Whiteglovenursing is the platform to keep you informed on all that is happening. We also set our goal to engage more healthcare professionals to help you network for more tips and advice.

Staying in the Loop with the Hot News

There is a lot going on within the empowered White Glove community. We appreciate our caregivers and offer promotions, incentives, fun contests, gifts, giveaways and award our employees for excellence. Following @whiteglovenursing is the best way to stay informed of the latest empowerment.

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We are there.

We are live and waiting to hear from you. We would love for you to let us know what you love on our page so we can cater the experience to you! Share your most recent experience by

tagging @whiteglovenursing and we will respond to you! Come up and check’m out now… @Whiteglovenursing

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