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No Road Bumps with Grazyna Babula (or your White Glove Career Coach) at the Wheel

The White Glove Placement Extensive Teams of Personal Career Coaches and Recruiters are here for you from the moment you get in touch until you feel like endlessly grinning. We are sure you have wondered- what is it like to be a White Glove Career Coach?

Grazyna Babula, aka Gigi, our senior recruiter at White Glove Placement, is nicknamed The Queen of Optimism in the office. Gigi is an avid bee-lover, and enthusiastic about exploring anything new, but nothing compares to her passion of matching her nurses and Allied health professionals to their pin fitted job desires. Working with nurses since 2016, Gigi nearly feels like a nurse herself.

Gigi observes that whether you are looking for your first assignment or your 20th, every new job is a tumbler. It is very normal to feel like “I see this company has great job opportunities, yippee. But where do I start?” There is a lot to consider when you pick in choose what will work best.  Sometimes, all you need is an in tuned advisor to hear you and pinpoint the ideal opportunity for your person.

“Many nurses reach out with their eyes set on a particular position and it is amazing to help them reach their goals.” Gigi shares. “But just as many are unsure of what they are looking for.”  Gigi loves to help nurses shop the best scoop. “It is the most rewarding experience when I feel my nurse smiling from across the telephone wire. It is a special bond we share.” Gigi recommends sorting out your preferences before reaching out, so we can easily please you.

Would you like an exotic travel experience with a winning compensation package?

Would you prefer a local travel assignment, at least 50 miles from home, so you are eligible for a stipend?

Are you looking for something closest to home because you have young kids or other commitments at home?

Do you have a passion for a specific unit or are you more flexible to go for any offer suiting your previous experiences?

What kind of facility culture are you looking for?

Your minutest concerns will trouble our devoted staff members immensely and they will do everything within their means to avoid  any road bumps leading to an impeccable experience.

And if you still wonder how our White Glove Career Coaches keep their sprite throughout, never getting phased by difficulty and keeping a positive but practical approach, Gigi cites the famous Mark Twain quote, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Join the White Glove Experience and fall in love with your career.  


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