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Make a nurse stronger; earn your recognition reward

Before you scroll to read more about the enormous benefits of nominating a nurse, learn more about a fun nomination campaign right here and now.

In preparation for nurses’ week, (sounds far out ahead, eh?)

This is your opportunity to acknowledge a nurse you admire.

Submissions accepted thru 4/24/22.

Selected nominations will be featured on nurses’ week.

It’s easy. Here’s how.

1. Select


2. Submit

Upon consent of your nominee, Submit his/her information in the form above.

3. Share

Compose a 50-word description why you selected them as your role model nurse with an optional photo/video.

4. Bravo! Get Rewarded

Look out for a $50 recognition bonus coming your way! A magnificent award + gift will be mailed to your nominee.

The Why and the Who

Do you sometimes feel like there is a nurse in your ward whom you truly respect but you do not know how to express it?

Think about approaching them. “I want you to know that you are the person I admire most, and I aspire to be just like you.”


The sentiment remains a demanding grumble, as you eye your role model and hope to be like them someday. Whenever you hesitate how to cope a situation, you imagine switching seats and applying their brain in an effort to emulate their cool and courage.

The bingo moment is here. Nominating your role model will be the perfect way to recognize and forward your appreciation in a way that is both professional and rewarding. Sounds great? There are more benefits to it!

You will finally express your feelings

When you admire someone greatly with no way of showing it, it is difficult. You feel like holding back a reward from the deserving. You just don’t know how to do it right, thus refrain. It bothers. Feelings are always painful when they remain bottled up inside, positive emotions just as negative ones. Gratitude and pleasures stuck inside may be as frustrating as unvented stress. Now is your time. Release. Share it. The pleasure will be yours just as theirs. Go for it!

Encourage a nurse you admire

Every person needs a morale boost. Although we know we are great and amazing, it is always appreciated to hear it from others. It makes us feel validated. Although you respect a nurse’s practices, and you know they are extraordinary, they may feel like a regular pony-scrub-and-shoe nurse. People may not recognize the strength that they forward to others. Your role model may not know the reverberating effect of their actions. Your nomination will help them self-recognize who they really are, enabling them to continue contributing their specialty even further.

More nurses can take to her example

We all aim to be great nurses, and that is precisely who we are. It is always inspiring to hear another’s story of what they do and how, giving us the insight how to improve our own practices. We can look out of our little corner and see the bigger face of the world with new and great goals to strive for.

Receive a cash reward

“I have enough money” said no nurse ever. Cash has always been a great friend, giving us access to the items on our wish list. Money is generally associated with our hard toil and labor. Earning a buck in year ’22 is no easy feat. Here’s an easy dollar for once! Your nurse nomination will be rewarded with a $50 bonus.

Refer & Earn

Invite your friends, coworkers, & colleagues to join the White Glove family!

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