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NYC is Still the Winning Travel Destination

Boasting more 116 historic landmarks, cultural diversity, and the most prestigious job opportunities, the big Red Apple continues to be the most sought-after year-round destination for travel nurses. New York travers are twice as likely to renew their contract or pursue another contract in the state than those traveling to San Diego and three times as likely as those traveling to Texas, Colorado, or Florida.

What is so Attractive About NYC?

The Most Prestigious Job Opportunities

While compelling Travel Nursing Opportunities can be found in more corners of USA, it is in the heart of NYC where you can work in the most prominent and world renown facilities such as Mount Sinai, NYU, or Columbia Presbyterian, and still get that awing view of thousands of people strolling 6th avenue at 9am in the morning!

It Is Easiest to Integrate

New York Fact: You never stand out.

Traveling as a nurse of allied health professional may have an added challenge as you look and feel different from the other nurses working on the floor. However, the New York melting pot is accepting of every shade or culture allowing everyone an equal opportunity to integrate to society.

Only New Yorkers!

There are some things you can only do in NYC just make sure you know that.

  1. Walking fast with your head straight down
  2. When crossing the street, you don’t obediently wait on the curb for the light to change
  3. Just raise your hand anytime to hail a cab
  4. You can be spoken to, and choose to not hear
  5. You can wear a skunks tail on your head and still camouflage amongst the crowd

1250 Pizza Places

It is a unique chance to taste Pizza at more than 1250 places. Even if you to eat pizza three times a day you won’t get to explore all the thousand flavors of every place. Yet eating out every meal elsewhere will give you the real New York experience.

 The Subway: Cheaper Than a Slice of Pizza

In the summer of 1980, New York Senior Patent Attorney, Eric Bram said that he knew that subway fares were about to increase — and it was all because the cost of a slice of pizza had gone up too. It was always the unsaid rule that the subway transportation fare cost equally in line with the slice of pizza. In an unprecedented happening, New York City enjoys transportation which is cheaper than a cheesy slice. While the average slice of pizza is at $3.26, the Subway fare is still at $2.75.

 116 Historic Landmarks to Explore on Your Off time

Assignments typically range for 3-4 shifts every week, offering the window of time to explore new places. Whatever kind of person you are, with whatever likes you have, you will find it in NYC. On your off time during your assignments make sure to check out some of those most popular iconic landmarks.

Scenic Landmarks

 Central Park is an historic landmark with a breathtaking and scenic view with the entry being completely free!

Art Landmarks

The Metropolitan Museum of Art boasts a world class art collection of the most famous works in the world.

Historic Landmark

Stature of Liberty, the American Icon on the New York harbor that portrays the independence and freedom we enjoy.

Cultural Landmarks

The Empire State Building 103 story observatory is one of the don’t miss sites. It is a freaking sensation seeing all of New York looking like a board game.

 Entertainment Landmarks

Time Square never sleeps always calling with its bright lights and movie shows suiting every taste bud.

 And there is more to explore yet right here

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