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Nursing Exams Made Easy by Ready To Pass

Congratulations, you have completed Nursing School. Now what? How are you ever going to remember all of the concepts that you learned in two years or more to successfully pass NCLEX? We’ve got a solution: White Glove constantly strives to provide you with only the best in YOUR career, we have partnered with Ready to Pass in order to provide you with a superior and unmatched success in YOUR future career! Ready To Pass is the key to your NCLEX success. They offer courses to assist YOU in integrating the knowledge that you have acquired in nursing school. Are YOU a New| Read More...

Transitioning from a Nursing Graduate to a Working Nurse

Your hard work has finally paid off and the nursing career you dreamed of is now a reality.  In spite of all the challenges, personal sacrifice, intense studying and more, you succeeded.  Along the way many gave up, but with determination and perseverance you made it to the finish line.  Congratulations!  Mission accomplished.   The prospect of getting your first nursing job is exciting and anxiety inducing at the same time. Every new nurse goes through this “rite of passage” and you’re no exception.  As you officially launch your nursing career, you will transition from being a student assigned one patient, to| Read More...

Nutrition For Healthy Nurses

Welcome, wonderful nurses out there! As caregivers, lifesavers, cheerleaders, confidants, liaisons, coaches and so much more, it's important for us to practicesound nutrition so we can actually do all that we do in good spirit. A proper diet is not only essential and beneficial to general wellbeing, but is key to preventing many chronic, inflammatory issues and obesity. For nurses, especially, it can help earn the credibility needed to educate patients on these topics. Talk about being a role model. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable teaching patients about health, knowing full-well that he/she practices bad lifestyle habits.  Imagine lecturing a patient on| Read More...

Avoiding Stress and Fatigue As a Nurse

Nurses constantly take the time to educate their patients how to stay warm or cool, how important fluid intake is, and the significance of a good night’s sleep.   Are they mindful of these for themselves? Frequently not. Nurses are commonly referred to as Super Humans. Indeed, they are. Still, because they are humane, reminders are needed to stop and take care of themselves and replenish their passion and energy so that they can carry on.   Sleep, and how to secure enough of it, is a mutual issue in nursing. But how much sleep is “enough”? Typically, 8 hours of sleep is recommended| Read More...

Building a Relationship with Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

A prime factor to be mindful of as a Travel Nurse is carefully selecting the right Travel Nurse Recruiter. After all, it's your recruiter who will help you navigate the sea of opportunities. Furthermore, your recruiter will be the one to submit your file to preferred facilities and be your information resource all along. Additionally, it is the recruiter you will reach out to with any concerns while on the assignment. Thus, it is important that you and your recruiter work as a team. Open, Honest Communication Communication is key to achieve your common goal; namely; getting you placed in awesome assignments. Give| Read More...

5 Nursing Specialties Most In Demand

Are you a Travel Nurse? If so, good fate is at your side. As the Nursing Industry is rapidly expanding, the demand for Travel Nurses is climbing steeply; thus creating a competitive market like never before. Choose to work with your most preferred specialty so you will like what you do and do what you like. While many nursing specialties have bright job outlooks, the following are rising above the rest as peak performers. Pediatrics: As a Pediatric Nurse, you care for children from birth through adolescence, providing them with the essential support they need to be healthy and happy as they| Read More...

Incentives: Understanding the Perks of Travel Nursing Positions

Think Nursing? Think Travel! By opting for travel nursing you have nothing to lose and an awesome lot to gain. This is an exclusive deal which allows you to mold you career exactly in accordance to your preferences. It is a unique path that leads you to explore new regions, experience diverse practice environment and form new and lasting friendships – all while enjoying competitive pay, great benefits and free housing.   Nurses can base their assignments selection on skills opportunities, financial incentives, climate preferences, hobbies, proximity to family or friends, sightseeing interests or the desire to try a destination before making| Read More...

Perpetually The New Hire: Make The Most of Your “New Player on the Scene” Status

Being a travel nurse has so many advantages—experiencing different work settings, traveling to new places, great pay, and so much more. Some nurses though, are anxious about experiencing the “first-date jitters” over and over again. As long as it has no severe impact on routine functions, the excitement and anticipation is yet another requirement for your travel nursing job. It reveals a sense of responsibility and how serious you are on your new assignment. As an experienced teacher once quoted: “The day I cease to be nervous prior to the first day of school, I will give up my job.” They say| Read More...

Travel Nursing Q&A

Variety is the spice of life. Some of us are born to run, so to speak. For those who have enjoyed working as a Registered Nurse for the last few years and are now looking to take their skills on the road, White Glove offers the best of both worlds with Travel Nursing Jobs. You can enjoy the job you love while traveling the world. As with any adventure, preparation is the key! Here are answers to some of the most common questions prospective travel nurses have: Q: How does travel nursing experience look on my resume? A: Travel nursing demonstrates| Read More...

Tips For Generating A Travel Nurse Resume

Tips For Generating A Travel Nurse Resume That Stands Out From The Rest Finding an exceptional job starts with creating an exceptional resume. Anyone who has spent some time applying for nursing positions knows that the field is a competitive one. There is no shortage of qualified nurses to fill local and travel nursing positions across the country. Getting your foot in the door often comes down to ensuring that your resume ends up at the top of the pile of resumes on an employer’s desk. After spending over a decade staffing hospitals all over the Tri-State area, White Glove Care| Read More...

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