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Incentives: Understanding the Perks of Travel Nursing Positions

Think Nursing? Think Travel! By opting for travel nursing you have nothing to lose and an awesome lot to gain. This is an exclusive deal which allows you to mold you career exactly in accordance to your preferences. It is a unique path that leads you to explore new regions, experience diverse practice environment and form new and lasting friendships – all while enjoying competitive pay, great benefits and free housing.


Nurses can base their assignments selection on skills opportunities, financial incentives, climate preferences, hobbies, proximity to family or friends, sightseeing interests or the desire to try a destination before making a permanent move.


Follow are some of the mange advantages of travel nursing with White Glove Placement.



The average travel assignments ranges anywhere form 8-52 weeks. Typically, they are 13 weeks. Work 1 contract period; take a month off… or not. That’s the beauty of travel nursing. Enjoy the liberty to decide when and where to work.

If you like the facility you are working at – great! Your contract can most likely be renewed. If the position did not turn out to be so rosy, a new assignment is just a few weeks away.



Bonuses may vary per travel assignment. Frequently, they are offered just by accepting the job, commonly upon assignment completion, and sometimes you are fortunate to receive a bonus both at the start and end of your assignment.

Additionally, refer some friends – it will qualify you for a referral bonus!



Since travel nursing holds more qualifications, skills and pledge than general nursing, it is obvious that the pay present is a lot more than what staff nurses receive. Earn a competitive salary and start fulfilling the wishes you couldn’t afford till now!


Opportunity for Growth

Traveling allows you to gain a vast amount of knowledge, more than anything you can be taught in school. As a travel nurse, you have the chance to work in diverse hospitals, different patient populations, and be exposed to new technology and computers systems. And while a staff nurse’s resume might suffer from frequent job changes, a traveler’s resume reflects impressive flexibility, adaptability and extensive experience.


Free Housing

Choose your assignment in an area that best suits you needs, interest and preferences. Reside in a beautifully furnished and private apartment. No worries about your rent expense. As a travel nurse you get that free, too!


There are many reasons that motivate nurses to take their career on the road. Travel Nursing provides excellent benefits, solid income and enhances your life both on a personal and professional level.




Posted on January 7, 2016 in Blog, Resource Center

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