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Building a Relationship with Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

A prime factor to be mindful of as a Travel Nurse is carefully selecting the right Travel Nurse Recruiter. After all, it’s your recruiter who will help you navigate the sea of opportunities. Furthermore, your recruiter will be the one to submit your file to preferred facilities and be your information resource all along. Additionally, it is the recruiter you will reach out to with any concerns while on the assignment. Thus, it is important that you and your recruiter work as a team.

Open, Honest Communication

Communication is key to achieve your common goal; namely; getting you placed in awesome assignments. Give your recruiters the courtesy of full disclosure regarding your job search process. Specify your particular goals and clearly communicate your priorities.

Ask Questions 

Never feel uneasy about asking a question and never leave a question unasked. Whatever is important to you should be equally important to your recruiters. They will do their best to explain and simplify all your inquiries.

Be Proactive

You can assist your recruiters by keeping your documents organized and current, including any sort of HR/hire paperwork, License, certifications, and references. Many Travel jobs close so quickly that it’s merely impossible to get all credentials together in such  a short time frame. By keeping your forms up to par with your agency, you are speeding up the submission process. At the same time, it will move you to the head of the pack.

Teamwork and trust between Travel Nurses and Recruiters are crucial. Fortunately, at White Glove Placement, we have a dedicated and professional recruitment crew with listening ears. From your first interview, to relocating to a new city, to finding your next assignment, White Glove is here to support and guide you every step of the way.


Posted on February 17, 2016 in Blog, Resource Center

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