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School Nurses Share the Pros of Their Unique Nurse Life

While most of us know a healthcare schedule of a grueling 7-7 or 8-8, there are those nurses working on a tidy 8am to 3pm routine. These are not the only differences between a nurse working in a hospital facility versus the school setting. In an independent survey conducted by the White Glove Placement Empowerment Department, we interviewed more than 50 school nurses to get the real vibes of what working in the school is like and it looks like either the job is a dream or White Glove School nurses are in an ultra-positive mindset. The list of pros kept growing while we could barely dish out any downsides of their work.

School Nurse List of Pros Per White Glove Placement School Nurses

List of Cons Per White Glove Placement School Nurses

 A fresh back to school season

Seeing those children rolling in on the first day of school with their shirts tucked and starched makes their anticipation for a new school year contagious. By the time summer is over, with all the fun and excitement involved, we can really use a break from the spontaneity and welcome some September structure. So, it’s not like you must be a School Nurse to feel the change-over, but it certainly touches you in a different way.

Those Hours!

 Days start at 8am, which is pretty customary. But they end at 3pm or 4pm, depending on the school. You still see the daylight even in the earliest of winter days! Can you imagine that luxury? Additionally, the hours are the hours are predictable and the same every single week.

We Stress Less

Infamous for a fine overdose of daily stress, nursing continues to boast a rewarding satisfaction rarely found in a job. It is what still brings caring people who want to make a difference to this profession. School nurses feel very lucky to be in a less stressful, more friendly environment, while still getting the satisfaction of impacting lives.

Connection With Pupils

School nurses do not experience the constant changing of their patient cliental. They are on a full year contract, working with the same medically fragile patients year-round. So, they really bond with those pupils. The students get very comfortable visiting their office not only for physical care. They may come around to address emotional concerns, or any personal matters that may bother or excite them.


Lunch hour is your hour. As a school nurse, you are the only person having an opinion when your break should happen. Obviously, you are to use your common sense to choose a time when nothing dire needs to happen, but there is no one on your back telling you when and how.

Full Year Stability of Work

Once you sign contract for a year, you basically set aside any doubt for changes for 10 months to come. Forget any dilemmas whether to renew a contract or change a unit.

Off in the Summer

What school nurse love most is that they have a full school year before having summer 2023 off again.

We Thank More Than 50 School Nurses for Giving there Input What Life as a School Nurse is All About!

Quotes from our School Nurses:

“Just love every aspect of the job. School nursing is about collaborating with teachers, parents, doctors, and the students. You use your common sense and communication to bring it all together. It is very rewarding to know you are keeping fragile student safe.”

Mary Walker, RN

“When I started school nursing, I noticed how stressful my previous job at a rehabilitation has been. Building a relationship with the children is my favorite part, and it is so cute when they end up inviting me to any events taking place in the classroom. The short hours are also a huge benefit. Frankly, I was still considering whether to continue for school year 2022/2023, but as I am pointing out the pros of it to you, I just cannot see myself leaving such a great job.”

Serin Ahmad, RN

“School Nursing is dynamic. More than helping pupils with their physical ailments, I feel like a loving aunt to the student. They feel comfortable to walk into my office and just talk out any concerns. Truly looking forward to the back-to-school freshness.”

Patricia Rogers, RN

It is not too late to make school nursing your next stop for the 22/23 school year. You can sign up to become that school nurse with all its fringe benefits by applying right here.

A Happy Back to School,

Stay safe!


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