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Travel Nursing Redefined

The American Nurse Association states more than 500,000 seasoned Registered Nurses (RNs) are expected to retire by 2022. With the already escalating demand for nurses, this is a staggering amount of upcoming vacancies. Nursing positions are opening from state to state, but who will answer the call? Do you have what it takes to become a…

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Building a Relationship with Your Travel Nurse Recruiter

A prime factor to be mindful of as a Travel Nurse is carefully selecting the right Travel Nurse Recruiter. After all, it’s your recruiter who will help you navigate the sea of opportunities. Furthermore, your recruiter will be the one to submit your file to preferred facilities and be your information resource all along. Additionally, it…

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Perpetually The New Hire: Make The Most of Your “New Player on the Scene” Status

Being a travel nurse has so many advantages—experiencing different work settings, traveling to new places, great pay, and so much more. Some nurses though, are anxious about experiencing the “first-date jitters” over and over again. As long as it has no severe impact on routine functions, the excitement and anticipation is yet another requirement for…

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