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Travel Nursing Q&A

Variety is the spice of life. Some of us are born to run, so to speak. For those who have enjoyed working as a Registered Nurse for the last few years and are now looking to take their skills on the road, White Glove offers the best of both worlds with Travel Nursing Jobs. You can enjoy the job you love while traveling the world. As with any adventure, preparation is the key! Here are answers to some of the most common questions prospective travel nurses have:

Q: How does travel nursing experience look on my resume?

A: Travel nursing demonstrates that you are skilled and experienced in your area of expertise, it indicates unique skills to future employers. Travel nursing experience shows that you have the flexibility and confidence to excel in new and changing environments. Furthermore, the opportunity to work with so many different health care professionals can be a great way to expand your LinkedIn profile and other professional networks.

Q: What are the compensation and benefits packages like?

A: Travel nurses typically earn a higher pay rate than permanent staff. Their pay package might include excellent hourly pay, free furnished housing, sign on and completion bonuses, health benefits, and other incentives.

Q: Which type of facilities will I be placed in and where will they be located?

A: At White Glove Care, most of our placements are in New York City and throughout the state. Travel assignments varies between hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities and psych centers. The type of facility you are placed in will depend on your experience and area of specialty. Our nurses have the opportunity to review the details of a placement before signing on. With placements available across the state, and in the heart of the “Greatest City on Earth,” you will find the perfect location for your next adventure in travel nursing.

Q: Where will I live?

A: White Glove Care provides free lodging for our travel nurses. We are dedicated to finding our traveling nurses housing as close as possible to the facility with which you will be working and in the best and trendiest neighborhoods in New York. You should have a pleasant, fun, stress-free experience, both on and off the job, during your travel assignment. In many cases, pet-friendly accommodations can be provided upon request. To read more about how housing works for nurses who sign on with White Glove care, please be sure to view our helpful FAQ.

Q: How long do travel nurse assignments last?

A: Assignment lengths vary with each placement. The average assignment length is about thirteen weeks, but can be as little as 6 weeks or extended to a year. Assignment hours are guaranteed with either 34, 38, or 40 hour work week, depending on shift length. Extend if your assignment if you wish by utilizing any one of our assignment renewal options.

Q: Will opportunities be provided to pursue continuing education?

A: White Glove Care provides convenient online courses for nurses’ continuing education credits. This way, the coursework can be completed at the nurses’ convenience from wherever he or she is currently placed. Combining continued education with a top notch travel assignment gives you the chance to grow in understanding of the field while doing the job you love and adding to your professional resume.

Q: Can my family come with me on my assignments?

A: In most cases, this should not be a problem. Of course, for parents with children, moving from one place to another can create the need to change schools and districts, which can be challenging for kids and parents alike. In general, however, you are more than welcome to bring a friend, spouse, or relative to stay with you during your assignment. You can also coordinate with other travel nurses who are on assignment in your area to share accommodations.

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