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We’ve Earned the NATHO Seal

White Glove Placement earned the NATHO Seal of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations! We are proud of this accomplishment, highlighting the nurse – first approach that’s in the lead of company decision and protocol. It is a White Glove uncompromising mission to be a base of comfort, security and support for travel nurses who are constantly adapting to new places. Amongst all the new aspects travel nurses navigate, we are humbled to be what travelers call their home away from home.

What Is NATHO?

NATHO is a non-profit association of travel healthcare organizations, founded in 2008 to promote ethical business practices, offer educational opportunities, create a space for advocation, and set the gold standard for conduct in the travel healthcare industry.

The Importance of a Supportive Staffing Agency as a Travel Nurse

  • The Travel Nursing jobs market is a lot more complex than any other. When you search for travel nursing jobs there will be too many offers to load 558,000,000 Google results in one second. To get the best there is out there, you need an adept staffing agency who is on the ball with the best available opportunity the market has got.
  • Given the dynamic that hospitals seek travelers to fill the gaps when units are understaffed, the travel nursing market is ever changing. The grabber opportunities always know other hot locations. With an increased number of nurses attracted to the travel lifestyle, the well-paying offers in desired areas are highly in demand. Most jobs posted will be filled within 24 hours of its initial appearance. You need a fast-paced White Glove recruiter to ensure your profile is quick to be submitted so it will get VIP status upon being reviewed.
  • The infamous onboarding saga – should be no saga at all. White Glove nurses find the onboarding White Glove to be smooth sailing. With concise clarity, your White Glove Placement specialist guides you through to wrap it all up so you can embark on another thirteen weeks of loving your job. They make sure that you know the little nuances to expect on your first shift, like the general culture in the place, the color of scrubs to wear or whatever under the sun you should know in order to fit in right.
  • Being away from home means walking streets wearing unfamiliar street signs. The taste of the corner deli shop where you can rely for dinner, or the coffee shop with your favorite brewed caffeinated drink, or the neighborhood gym club to air out the days stress will be different than the one you are used to back home. While some may find the unknown to be an exhilarating adventure, it is normal if adapting to new places can be challenging for you. But whether you love those changes or not, clearly you need the predictability of a team standing right behind you. Your White Glove specialist is not just there for the logistics, to make the numbers add up. Our team is attentive to hear your concerns, help you if they can, and just be a good, old, and – oh – familiar friend who is always there for you.
  • Who will advocate for you should anything go off track? We hate surprises as much as you do. Maybe more. Why, you arrived at your destination and your contract is cancelled, something on your placement is different than you rgsigned for, housing crisis. Let us not name every uncalled monstrosity which may veer you off track. That much is clear, you should not be handling it yourself.

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