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White Glove Placement Ranked a 2022 Best Travel Nursing Company by BluePipes

 Being rated as ‘A Top 20 Company for Travel Nurses, 2022’ by BluePipes, an independent platform for travel nurses, was more than merely another listing. BluePipes uses a very unique and complex procedure to select the best companies and they base it on thousands of travel nurse reviews from various platforms.

As we continue to provide winning nationwide opportunities for travel nurses with a round-the clock support system to buff the gaps and make any rural town or foreign city feel like home, it means a lot to us that hundreds of White Glove Travelers are happy and thriving.  

White Glove Placement brought you the excerpts of how and why BluePipes believes it is important to showcase the Best Travel Nurse Agencies.

How Does BluePipes Determine Their List?

“To determine our list, we evaluated over 380 travel nursing agencies by aggregating over 108,000 reviews from 6 leading review sources. We selected the 20 highest rated companies based on our transparent scoring system which we describe in detail below.

This is our sixth year of spending massive amounts of time aggregating review scores for hundreds of travel nursing agencies to surface the highest scoring agencies.”

Why Does BluePipes Score Agencies?

It is Important and Difficult to Find the Best Travel Nursing Agencies

First, we have a deep appreciation for how important and difficult it is for travel nurses to find the right agencies to work with. Travel nurses rely on agencies to provide a robust and impactful set of services. Therefore, the service, or lack thereof, can have a profound impact on both a nurse’s career and personal life.

Increase in Number of Travel Nursing Agencies

Meanwhile, it’s become exceedingly difficult in recent years to find the best travel nursing companies on your own. The pandemic driven boom in the travel nursing industry has resulted in a massive increase in the already large number of agencies.

How we Determine the Best Travel Nursing Agencies for 2022

For these reasons, we aggregate the review scores from 6 leading review sources for every travel nursing company we can find. To clarify, each year we enter the review counts and scores from each review source for each company into an Excel spreadsheet.

Once we have entered all the data, we program the spreadsheet to run a bunch of calculations to ultimately determine an aggregate score for each company. We compare this year’s scores to last year’s scores and issue bonuses or penalties based on score increases or declines. Our scoring system is quite complex, this way, we award companies that have truly outperformed over the last year.

Here are the 6 review sources we collect scores from:

Rating Services We Aggregate

  1. Highway Hypodermics
  2. Travel Nursing Central
  3. Facebook
  4. Indeed
  5. Glassdoor
  6. Google

Highway Hypodermics

We counted a total of 3,633 reviews from HH this year. That’s an increase of 511 from 2021. We should point out that HH only counts scores from the last 5 years in their totals. This way, they keep the review scores fresh which is a really nice touch because it helps travelers understand how a company is performing now.

It’s fair to say that companies are performing well now. The aggregate average score for all companies on HH is 17.96 out of a possible 20. That’s an increase from last year’s 17.71. It’s also an average of 89.8% which indicates that travel nurses are very happy with their travel nursing agencies.

Travel Nursing Central

We counted 11,753 reviews from Travel Nursing Central this year. That’s an increase of 580 from 2021.

The aggregate average score for all companies on Travel Nursing Central this year was 86.47. That’s an increase from last year’s 86.04. This is another indication that travel nursing companies provided exceptional service over the last year.


We counted exactly 8,800 reviews from Facebook this year. That’s an increase of 1,546 reviews from the previous year.

The aggregate average score on Facebook decreased from 4.83 in 2021 to 4.58 in 2022. However, Facebooks reviews were a mess in 2021. For example, Facebook was showing that some companies had zero reviews when the companies actually had hundreds of reviews. Facebook was showing that some companies had a negative number of reviews, which is impossible. It was also showing that some companies had “5 stars” even though those companies had tons of negative reviews. The point is that we simply can’t glean anything from Face Book’s 2021 data because it was riddled with inaccuracies.


We included 42,063 reviews from Indeed this year. That’s an increase of 5,813 from the previous year. Indeed now has by far the most employer reviews of any of the six services we track.

The aggregate average score for all travel nursing agencies on Indeed increased ever so slightly from 3.73 in 2021 to 3.74 in 2022.


GlassDoor came in with 28,801 reviews this year. That’s an increase of 8,045 from last year.

The aggregate average score for all travel nursing companies on GlassDoor was 3.87 this year. That’s a slight increase from 3.81 last year.


We counted 13,475 reviews from Google this year. That’s an increase of 6,537 from last year. That’s almost a 100% increase. Google is growing reviews at a very fast pace.

The aggregate average score for all travel nursing companies on Google was 4.57 this year. That’s an increase from 4.46 last year.

Interesting Observations on the Overall Numbers

There are a couple of interesting observations in this year’s overall numbers and the list of best travel nursing companies these numbers resulted in. First, we find it absolutely amazing that the aggregate average score for all companies was up from 2021 to 2022. Please note that we collect the scores during the last 2 weeks of May. Therefore, this year’s list covers June of 2021 through May of 2022.

Travel Nursing Agencies Provided Good Service During Covid

This is a period that saw both the Delta and Omicron hospitalization spikes. This means that agencies were employing record numbers of travelers. The agencies’ operational systems like credentialing and payroll were definitely stressed this past year. Despite this, agencies clearly performed well.

It’s also a period that saw a huge draw down in hospitalizations. This resulted in contract cancellations, bill rate reductions and other unsavory circumstances. Here again, agencies appear to have handled these issues well.

“Recruiterless” Services Still Absent from the List

Second, we find it interesting that over 6 years into the “recruiterless” healthcare staffing experiment, not one “recruiterless” staffing agency has made our list…ever.

To be fair, this isn’t to say that any of these companies has horrifyingly bad reviews. It’s just that none of them have great reviews despite their promises of transformational service, demonization of recruiters and traditional healthcare staffing, and absolutely massive capital expenditures and losses.

The highest that any of these companies ranked on our list this year was at number 57. All 20 companies on our list continue to employ a traditional high-touch approach. It would seem as though travel nurses still highly value this type of service.

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