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Travel Nursing – The Benefits

The White Glove philosophy is simple:
Recruit and hire the best healthcare employees; provide top travel nursing salary and benefit packages.

The White Glove Travel Nursing

Direct Deposit

We know that timely pay is important to you. With our direct deposit option your paycheck gets deposited into your bank account promptly and is available for your use the very next day.

With daily pay options at participating facilities, you can work today and get paid tomorrow. Check in with a recruiter to find out which facilities offer this benefit.

Medical Coverage

As a travel nurse, have the peace of mind that your immediate medical needs are covered. We will provide you with free quality health insurance benefits while on an assignment.

Since every person has unique needs, we have several quality health insurance plans from which you can choose. (Some plans may require employee contribution each pay period.)

Dental Coverage

White Glove gives you the option to choose dental coverage from day one. (Some plans may require employee contribution each pay period.)

Free Furnished Housing

White Glove acknowledges that in order to fulfill your travel nurse assignment to the BEST of YOUR ability you need a comfortable place to spend your time when not on call. We will provide furnished housing in one of New York’s most diverse and trendy neighborhoods to accommodate your need to OUR BEST ability so you can enjoy your stay.

Tax Advantage Plan

As a healthcare traveler you may be qualified for tax free supplements to cover your housing and meal expenses while away from home, or the Tax Advantage Plan that allows you to take home more pay.
To determine if you qualify for the Tax Advantage Plan it is best to consult a qualified tax advisor. Travel nurses can also find more complete tax details at http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p463.pdf.

Travel Reimbursement

Travel to a nursing assignment for White Glove and we will reimburse you for your travel expenses up to $500.

Licensure Reimbursement

As part of our travel nursing compensations, we will provide full reimbursement of your licensure cost. In addition our dedicated staff will provide you with the necessary information regarding obtaining the license.

Malpractice Reimbursement

When doing a travel nurse assignment for White Glove we will reimburse your cost of malpractice insurance.

Sign On and Completion Bonus

For many assignments, we offer Completion Bonuses at the end of the assignment as additional income. This bonus is issued as reward for a job well done and as a boost to your earnings.

Travel Nurse Loyalty and Vacation Program

White Glove appreciates your expertise and hard work. Our Loyalty and Vacation bonuses are our way of expressing it.
** some restrictions apply


Loyalty Bonus

After all it is $$$ that counts. Earn loyalty $$$ for hours worked.
* billable hours, some restrictions apply

Referral Program

Share your experience with a friend or acquaintance. Refer him or her to White Glove and receive some easy extra money. You will receive your bonus right after your friend completes their first actual shift.

24-Hour Support Line

And above all, our sensitive and caring staff is available to assist you as needed and provide 24 hour support.

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