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White Glove + Benefit Hub!

We are elated to announce our newest collaboration with the incredible Benefit Hub platform right in time for Labor Day. White Glove nurses can start saving on a wide range of services and products at the top brands you love. You will find deals on shopping, apparel, food, family care, insurance, education, car rentals, wellness, […]

Back to School! Get 20% off at Moxie Scrubs

Back to School! Get 20% off at Moxie Scrubs Infusing September with the air of a new beginning is not contingent on the ironed uniform, freshly sharpened pencils, or an organized backpack. Making the page break may not be as natural as in middle school. It requires a conscious and mindful effort to get into […]

10 Things to Know for Your First Day at Work

We Are Here for You We hope you are equipped with all the knowledge for your first day. From the color of the scrubs to wear to the timekeeping process, the benefits you are eligible for, and everything in between. Now we are here to back your success. If you have any further questions, please […]

Summer Spirit Week Lasting Vibes

Summer Spirit Week Lasting Vibes You can still touch the lasting energy of the White Glove Summer Spirit Week. We reminisce on the memories of the action-packed week with the themed daily activities, contests, valuable giveaway prizes, voting for winners, and so much more! Thank you to all White Glove nurses who joined us with […]

Why Our Recruitment Teams Stands Out

White glove passionate recruiters are rockstars at their jobs because they are driven by a genuine fondness for what they do. They pride themselves as masters in matchmaking, an art involving efficient procedures, expert communication skills, and organized, result-focused strategies. Esther Malie, Senior Recruitment Manager, sometimes cites the quote by John Valtellina, Founder & CEO […]

August Nurse of Excellence – Ashley C . Bleich, RN

Nurse of Excellence Ashley Charles Bleich, RN A pleasure to meet you, Charles! How are you spending your summer thus far? Hey all, I am so pleasantly surprised and honored to be chosen as the Nurse of Excellence with White Glove! June and July are months when staff nurses get their wings to take their […]

Top Place to Work For Millennials

Sharing a huge congratulations upon White Glove being rated a top place to work for Millennials! Why Millennials Matter. If you make a graph, millennials will shade more than 50% of the nursing supply.   Gen Y is different than the preceding baby boomers or Gen X because their outlook and goals are through a […]

July Nurse of Excellence – Mina Rai, RN

Mina, a pleasure to meet you! Can you tell us more about you? I’m a nurse by accident, that is, I never planned to be a nurse. Growing up in Nepal meant that my career decisions waited until I got to New York in the early 2000s. Business Management was an attractive choice, seeming to […]

What Nurses Must Know Amid the Changing Market

What Nurses Must Know Amid the Changing Market “Many years ago, when I was a child, we played the game called Marco Polo in the swimming pool. One kid was chosen to be “it”, then blindfolded. It worked with simple instructions. The It counts till ten, then shouts Marco. The rest of the players shout […]

A New White Glove Subsidiary; FindNetics

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new White Glove Placement subsidiary, FindNetics. This new initiative comes in response to the high volume of phenomenal healthcare recruiters seeking to join the White Glove corporate team. FindNetics is another company arm aligned with the values we have been working with since 1995, employing independent […]


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