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Sea, Sun, Sand – and all you need to summer

Summer is peaking from a near distance, and it’s the perfect time to strike a balance between enjoying the sunny weather and advancing in your career. Whether traveling or home sweet home, here are some fantastic discounts and perks to level up the season while keeping your costs in check! Embrace fresh experiences Exploring new […]

Insides Scoop of Nurses’ Week 2024

We had the privilege of meeting numerous exceptional nurses when we took off in our ice cream truck to show appreciation this past Nurses Week with scoops of gratitude. All in all, we distributed 4514 ice cream cones! We were happy to provide a sweet respite to those who dedicate their lives to caring for […]

Destination Highlight: Rochester, NY

Here are our official guidelines for summer assignments: you must like and love it, or love it and like it. We encourage our nurses to spend this fantastic time of the year on uncompromising top-rated assignments in destinations that capture your heart. June 1 – June 30: Rock it in Rochester  Embrace a fantastic summer […]

Why Home Health Nursing May be Right for You

If you are experiencing burnout from bedside nursing, you feel your current role is too strenuous, or in the spring swing for something new and untapped, this blog is a worthy read. Big chance you’ll find an answer in home health assessment nursing! UAS home assessments are a specialized field of nursing that focuses on […]

White Glove TN Sponsorship Initiative

White Glove TN Sponsorship Initiative to Fill the Staffing Void As the deepened nursing shortage continues to pose a significant challenge for nurses, with stretched nurse-to-patient ratios burning out many while impacting patient safety, New York City Hospitals call on Mexican and Canadian nurses to relocate to New York City to help fill those gaps. […]

Travelers Manual to Michigan

Why Travel Nurses Go for the Great Lakes State Michigan is a natural wonder offering diverse experiences with breathtaking outdoor views. Its appeal extends beyond the tranquil waters, with cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids offering a vibrant culture, thriving arts, and a flourishing craft beer scene. Michigan Licensure Guide  MI Licensure Information For the […]

Crunch It with New White Glove Fitness Benefits

If you are someone working long shifts on your toe-sides, someone who asks and answers a million questions a day; someone who laughs, cries & (or yawns) way too often – someone who answers when someone cries “Nurse!” that means three things. One, grand reveal – you are a nurse. More importantly, you deserve self-care. […]

The Ultimate Road Trip Roadmap for Travel Nurses

Planning your first road trip as a travel nurse can be exciting and nerve-wracking. Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, there’s something about hitting the open road that can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s your ultimate guide to planning and packing for a successful and enjoyable road trip. Plan […]

Introducing the New Bluesky App

Dear White Glove Nurses & healthcare professionals, We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Bluesky app, designed to make your work life easier and more efficient. All in one great APP! ➡You’ll have direct access to update your profile, personal information, and settings. ➡You can easily upload documents to ensure you remain […]


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