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White Glove Placement Nurses Go Places This Summer

Summer makes the ultimate time to go places and explore new horizons. White Glove Nurses grab the opportunity to merge a fun travel experience with the highest paying nationwide jobs. Before taking the leap, let us get some great tips and insight from White Glove Travel Pros what we need to know before flying.

“Travel Nursing truly gives you the opportunity to tour so many different corners of the USA, and that is incredible.” Says PACU nurse, Michelle L. who just completed her first long-distance travel assignment in Plano, Texas. She was absolutely enthralled by every detail. For her first assignment away from home, Michelle voted for Texas, a state familiar to her because she has family there. “Usually, when we would visit our family members in Texas it was for a one week stay. It felt like before saying hello we would need to bid farewell. My assignment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital enabled thirteen weeks of quality time together.” Says Michelle. Michelle believes that for successful travel it is important to do all the necessary homework for your stay prior to heading out. Nurses are often blinded by the flat rate and stipend before checking out the cost of living in the area. “Being savvy with transportation, food and lodging costs is as important as the pay rates you are being offered.”  Michelle recommends nurses to check out economical accommodation options like B & Bs or Airbnb’s, so you can come home and enjoy your travel compensation. The big red apple is calling Michelle’s name and she is planning to take her career next to the skyscrapers of NYC.

Barbara Thao would recommend the Carolinas as the perfect place for travel, especially in the summertime. “There is the White-Water rafting in Charlotte, great beaches in the Outer Banks, some breezy places for hiking, interesting cities of Ashville, and the Biltmore House to visit in your spare time. And this is the only state where you can see those beautiful wild horses!”  Barbara is staying between the peaks of mountain and the ocean, enjoying every moment. “Traveling with a friend is great, but next best is to make new friends wherever you go.” Barbara is very grateful for all her forthcoming coworkers at the Brenner’s Children’s Hospital who helped her transition be so seamless. “They are great company to hang out with and they are always inviting me to go out for food and fun. The only problem is that I cannot eat so much” Barbara recalls with a slight chuckle. Barbara recommends talking to more travel nurses before deciding on a place of interest. “You do not want to find yourself in a boring hick town!”

“You have to know what your life is like before deciding to travel.” says ICU traveler, Virginie Padmore. Virginie’s children are all grown, and her fun and adventurous streak thrives at observing different states and cultures. During her current assignment at Umass Memorial Medical Center in Massachusetts it was an uncanny coincidence when Virgie met up with another nurse coming from the same hometown. “It was amazing to find another nurse on the ward from Saint Lucia. We exchanged numbers and kept up since. I was one of her selected guests invited to her birthday party.”

Getting excited to travel? Would you like to explore the peaks of Washington that are still covered in snow? Fishing in Maine? The majestic mountains of Vermont? The Sunny beaches of Florida?  Choose the destination that calls your heart and contact your White Glove career coach for your next travel assignment to make it a great summer.

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