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White Glove TN Sponsorship Initiative

White Glove TN Sponsorship Initiative to Fill the Staffing Void

As the deepened nursing shortage continues to pose a significant challenge for nurses, with stretched nurse-to-patient ratios burning out many while impacting patient safety, New York City Hospitals call on Mexican and Canadian nurses to relocate to New York City to help fill those gaps. White Glove Placement eagerly steps up to the plate, sponsoring nurses to New York City, hopeful this initiative will aid understaffed NYC facilities.

Who can apply for sponsorship under this program?

The TN Nurse Sponsorship Program welcomes Canadian and Mexican citizens holding a nursing license to get sponsored to New York City. To qualify, foreign nurses must speak and understand fluent English and be willing to relocate for two years. They also need at least two years of RN hospital experience in one of the following specialties. Med Surg, ICU, ER, Psych, or LTC.

Do they need to have passed the NCLEX exam before applying to White Glove?

Though the process is more straightforward for those who have already passed an NCLEX, it is not a requirement before applying. The White Glove sponsorship team will guide nurses through the CGFNS and the NCLEX exam before moving to the relocating logistics.

How does a TN visa work and how do you obtain it?

Once you fit the experience requirements, hold a New York license, and agree to relocate for two years for one of our available jobs, you are ready to obtain your TN visa. A TN visa is a temporary work visa that can be issued under the NAFTA agreement for neighboring citizens of Canada and Mexico for qualifying occupations, including Nursing. TN visas are valid for up to three years.

We will provide you with a support letter outlining the job duties, educational requirements, and other relevant details of the position. You will also need supporting documents proving your qualifications for the job, such as your nursing license.

Once you have these documents, you can apply for a TN visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country. You will need to complete the visa application, pay the application fee, and attend an interview with a consular officer.  If everything is in order, the officer will approve your visa and you will be able to enter the United States and begin your journey!

Have any questions? No worries! We are here to guide you through the Visa Processing!

Can I bring my family as well?

The great news is – Yes! Immediate family as your legal spouse and unmarried children up to 21 can apply for a can apply for a TD visa to be permitted to come along with you.

Why should Canadian or Mexican Nurses be willing to come to New York?

The compensation package is extremely competitive compared to the average pay back home! Additionally, this is a ticket to a higher standard of living—experiencing New York’s vibrant culture and luxurious lifestyle!

Does White Glove reimburse the immigration costs?

 Not only does White Glove reimburse $500 toward immigration costs, but we also pay $500 towards travel expenses and another $500 to assist you with housing for the first three months after relocating!

 Do you have family in Canada or Mexico who are nurses?

There is no better gift you can give them than referring them to the White Glove foreign sponsorship opportunity and you get a $500 bonus when they start working.

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