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4 Tips to Avoid an Inferiority Complex as a Travel Nurse

It is not like you need to be a travel nurse to stand at risk of feeling too humbled. It can happen to anyone. The reason why travel nurses stand at greater risk is because they are usually more aware of their surroundings and tend to take note of one another to do everything right. The issue of inferiority complexes? They hinder us from reaching our potential without us even noticing. To enable us to find the solution, we first need to identify and analyze how inferiority complexes are born.

Obsessively Comparing Notes with Others

A guaranteed step to create a dent in any confident nurse would be to constantly compare with more nurses about their experience. It is only normal to communicate with other nurses for advice to ensure you remain on the ball in this ever-changing market. Especially, when it is about taking references before picking up an assignment and checking out an area prior to committing or signing contract. Taking comparison to the next level? Bad news. The ideal route to reach a place of second guessing whatever you are doing.

Believing Every Word Everyone Says

People can sometimes exaggerate. Some people exaggerate a lot. Something that is too good to be true usually is not true. Taking everything you hear at face value is not what we would call a great idea.

Being in the Company of Braggers

You know those buddies who are so adept at tooting their own horn and marketing their abilities, expertise, savviness, or success? We hear about how amazing their life is, how they met a buddy on contract, they pay pennies for housing, got an unreal stipend and they are going after an advanced education which they are finding more fun than challenging.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Much as we intend to take it with a grain of salt and continue counting our own blessings, being in prolonged company of braggers ends up growing on us, making us feel like shrinking.

Social Media, the Biggest Culprit

Let us recognize it for what it does. Social media platforms are the stage where people will generally highlight the aspects of life they choose, post their polished shots, share their successes, exaggerate, brag, you name it. Your own profile photo is probably also more staged than your mirror reflection at the current moment. Breathing in all the perfection and cool alter-reality we see when browsing as the real-life others are living in, is the detrimental mistake 78% of social media users tend to continuously make.

Being Harsh on Yourself

It is proven that self-expectation helps us grow. It is what propelled us to push through nursing school and guided us through our NCLEX exam. It is also what helps us say yes to the great opportunities or contracts coming our way. That voice that says, you can do that amazing travel assignment!

Still, we each are confined to some limits within our personality. Setting unreasonable expectations, you cannot comply by has a counter affect that ripples guilt and pulls us down.

The Solution: The 4 Rule, Rule

There are four rules we must always carry around and never forget. We suggest that you print out this little card and keep it your wallet, so it is always with you.

 4 Rules to Avoid Inferiority Complexes as a Nurse

 Rule #1: Stay mindful to the causes and be careful not to fall into the trap

 Rule #2: Remember that what is too good to be true is usually not true

 Rule #3: Never get intimidated by comparisons

 Rule #4: Always encourage yourself. You are amazing!

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