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5 Ways to Improve Your Travel Nursing Resume

The BestĀ Traveling Nurse ResumeĀ Secrets

The demand for highly-trained, compassionate nursing staff has never been higher than it is today, and many nurses have opted to pursue a career in travel nursing. However, landing the perfect travel nursing job requires a high level of detail within your resume. By following five easy-to-remember tips, you can make your resume stand out in the pool of travel nursing jobs. Your resume should be the background information to an interview, and you need to take advantage of it.

Expand Your Experience Areas

No doubt, you have a lengthy area of your resume that explains your experience as a nurse. However, potential employers want to see the experience that is relevant to the prospective job. In this case, you want to emphasize a broad range of types of nursing within your experience. Include every type of nursing facility and floor you have worked on, such as ICU, Med/Surg, or Pediatric Units. This will give the prospective employer the largest amount of information about your experience.

Length of Assignment

Aside from being asked to return to a facility, your length of assignment reveals how satisfied the client was with your job performance. Include a section on length of assignments within your resume. If you have any contracted assignments that were cut short or less than expected, provide a brief explanation of why. You only need to make sure the person reading the resume does not feel you had been “let go.”

Emphasize Your Transportation

Reliable transportation is crucial to travel nursing jobs. Without it, nurses would not be able to make it to assignments on time, and the facility would suffer. Include a brief paragraph about your current means of transportation. Explain any plans you may have for upgrading your transportation if your current transportation is not reliable. However, emphasize that your current transportation–whether through friends, rentals, or other venues–will ensure you make it to your prospective assignment.

Insert Letters of Recommendation

Some people focus on sending in letters of recommendation upon interview; however, prospective employers need to be able to gather all of your information, including references, before you have your interview. When selecting the letters of recommendation to include, avoid the lengthy, detail-laden letters as this will distract from the overall goal of the resume:

Do Not Print Out Resume on Plain, White Paper

Your resume needs to be your calling card, and it must stand out on the prospective employer’s desk. Purchase a high-quality, non-white resume paper for printing out your resume. This will add a higher degree of finesse to the resume and make your resume memorable.

While the economy is on the mend, the field of healthcare will always have an ever-growing demand for trained nurses. As a result, many facilities will continue using travel nursing agencies, such as White Glove Placement, to fill in their schedules and meet the demands of their patients, friends, and family members. By enhancing your resume today, you will improve your chances of placement tomorrow.


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