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Back-to-School Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Keep Kids Safe Back to School

The new school year is here and although it may look a little differently, we can all take steps as a community to help protect our children and those around us. At White Glove, we have 1:1 School Nurse positions throughout the New York and New Jersey areas available so you can be rest assured your child is still given the care he/she deserves to have while in school. As a parent here are some ways you can protect your children and your homes as they go back to school.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to address your safety concerns with your children’s school. Ask them what steps they have taken and how the school will support and implement these changes to help protect your children. Ask them how you can help support the school safety effort and be mindful of regulations you and your children should be aware of such as new drop off procedures or guidelines for mask wearing in the classrooms.

Talk to your Children

Make sure to always address your children’s concerns by talking to them about their fears and teach them how to protect themselves when interacting with other students. Remind them that you are there for them and that their teachers, aides, and nurses are also there for them. Make sure that they are aware of all the safety guidelines they should follow.

Reinforce COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Remind your children to follow the COVID-19 Safety Precautions below when they go back to school:

  • Social Distancing – Make sure your child reduces contact between other people and limit the amount of people they are interacting with. Remind them the importance of keeping their distance from other students and to avoid sharing food, drinks, or supplies with their friends.
  • Wear a Mask! – Remind your child the importance of keeping their masks on and how to properly put on and take off their masks, which includes washing their hands and avoiding touching their masks and face.
  • Handwashing – Aside from reminding them not to touch, their eyes, nose or mouth also remind them importance of washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water. If soap and water is not available, make sure to always pack a hand sanitizer with them to have handy.


Take Care of your Homes

As important as it is to follow the COVID-19 Safety Precautions when you are outside, you should also remember to practice good hygiene at home. This includes making sure your child remembers to wash their hands when they return home and to change out of their clothes and clean up when they come home from school. Always remember to disinfect objects and surfaces that are commonly touched like doorknobs, faucets, light switches, etc. Get into the habit of also disinfecting your child’s belongings when they get home from school.


Keep Your Kids Home When Sick

Make sure to always have a working thermometer and over the counter cold medicine handy at home. If your child is not feeling well, make sure you do not send your child to school. Monitor all symptoms and know when to contact your family doctor. Also make sure to schedule your children’s annual check ups to make sure they are staying healthy and up to date on all their vaccinations.

Best of luck this school year!

We hope that your children have a successful return to school this year. If you are a nurse interested in our 1:1 Student Care School nurse positions, contact our recruiters today and we can help you find a case closest to home! We hope you all stay safe and well.

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