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Top Place to Work For Millennials

Sharing a huge congratulations upon White Glove being rated a top place to work for Millennials! Why Millennials Matter. If you make a graph, millennials will shade more than 50% of the nursing supply.   Gen Y is different than the preceding baby boomers or Gen X because their outlook and goals are through a […]

July Nurse of Excellence – Mina Rai, RN

Mina, a pleasure to meet you! Can you tell us more about you? I’m a nurse by accident, that is, I never planned to be a nurse. Growing up in Nepal meant that my career decisions waited until I got to New York in the early 2000s. Business Management was an attractive choice, seeming to […]

What Nurses Must Know Amid the Changing Market

What Nurses Must Know Amid the Changing Market “Many years ago, when I was a child, we played the game called Marco Polo in the swimming pool. One kid was chosen to be “it”, then blindfolded. It worked with simple instructions. The It counts till ten, then shouts Marco. The rest of the players shout […]

A New White Glove Subsidiary; FindNetics

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new White Glove Placement subsidiary, FindNetics. This new initiative comes in response to the high volume of phenomenal healthcare recruiters seeking to join the White Glove corporate team. FindNetics is another company arm aligned with the values we have been working with since 1995, employing independent […]

June Nurse of Excellence – Raihana Nuhu, RN

Hey Raihana, we’d love to hear more about you! Born to a mom who is a nurse, I idolized the stethoscope, scrubs and everything they stood for, envisioning myself wearing it someday. Seeing people happy makes me happy. Like many nurses, the medical line was a definite yes for my career, the only question mark […]

Exclusive Vacation Discounts for White Glove Nurses

Exclusive Vacation Discounts for White Glove Nurses Vacation, staycation, or relaxation, however you are in to spend the enchanting summer season – happy planning! When the sun is up, and our spirits high extracurricular fun activities beckon to us.  Where our travels or adventures tend to get hedged is when it meets the dollar punch […]

Right Sourcing Names White Glove a Preferred Vendor

Right Sourcing Names White Glove a Preferred Vendor In May, Right Sourcing, a master Neutral Vendor Management Service Provider hosted a conference in California for their exclusive top twenty vendors. Out of the 2600 global staffing agencies, White Glove Placement was invited to attend the prominent meeting led by the prominent executive staff at Right […]

The Inside Scoop

The Inside Scoop of White Glove Gratitude this Nurses Week It was an honor to have met hundreds of admirable nurses when we took to the streets in an ice cream truck to serve you a scoop of gratitude! We were happy to see those smiles and happy faces. Those same smiles you use to [...]

Happy Nurses Week, 2023!

We are celebrating our Dear Nurses dedication, passion, expertise, and compassion with some scoops of gratitude! Our White Glove Ice Cream Truck will be circling through the streets, distributing free Ice Cream to nurses. Come grab your cone and enjoy a sweet and savory nurse appreciation week! We look forward to greeting you personally! See [...]

Starting Your Journey as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Choosing your career path can be a tasking decision, to put it mildly. A career is more than merely a job. It consumes your brain space, while more than 86% of professionals feel it more or less defines their rounded identity. You truly need some soul searching to really know where to set your direction. […]

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