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White Glove + Friends

We upgraded our referral program.

There. After reviewing the 2023 numbers at the year-end management meeting, O-shaped mouth reactions were rampant when the data spoke with precise. More than 46% of White Glove nurses are referrals!

This felt GOOD.

Indeed, Glassdoor- all nice. But apparently, no Google algorithm can compete with the recommendation of a good friend, coupled with a phenomenal experience, great intention, and top White Glove jobs to mark your next adventure!

Decision Made: We need a New Rewards Program

 Once the referral forum was opened – everyone agreed in storybook unison!

We need an upgraded rewards program reflecting our gratitude for the fantastic collaboration and friendship that yields this immeasurable career success! Simultaneously, we wanted to ease the process for you to refer friends more easily.



Buddy Up and Uber In.  

We rejoice when another great member joins the White Glove team. As soon as you refer a friend, an Uber Eats gift e-card will make its way to you and your friend. Celebrate success. Enjoy. And refer again soon.


Earn BIG up to $1000. 

Share your next adventure.  

Download the full guide

While many great things come at some cost, being a loyal friend only pays. Earn up to $1000 when you share your positive experience and invite friends to join! Spot a travel nurse gig well suited for a family, friend, or colleague?

Recommend them to your recruiter!

We look forward to easing the career journey for you and your friends – Ready to get started?


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Refer & Earn

Invite your friends, coworkers, & colleagues to join the White Glove family!