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How to Overcome the Obstacles of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing can be both exciting and overwhelming but once you get yourself out there and experience your first travel nursing assignment it will be hard to ever go back. Our White Glove team is here to help our new travel nurses overcome the obstacles that our travel nurses face because we like to be there for our nurses every step of the way.

  • Missing Loved Ones โ€“ The biggest obstacle most travel nurses are missing their family and friends. The good news is that you can choose the length of contracts you want to take. At White Glove we offer our nurses flexibility from choosing 8 to 13-week contracts. It also helps that the world is technologically advanced, so family and friends are only one video chat away, which helps you re-connect with family.

  • Meeting New Friends- Being the new person can be challenging but that is why we always encourage our travel nurses to join travel nursing groups to help them get through their assignments. Facebook has groups like The Gypsy Nurse, where you can find other nurses that have contracts where you are headed so you can meet up and connect with them.

  • Working with New People- You are going to meet new people wherever you go and although they may do things differently at each assignment you take, you can easily overcome this challenge by observing and listening to what your new colleagues have to say. Pay attention to the culture and learn how to adapt to your surroundings by keeping an open mind and friendly attitude.

  • Finding the Right Recruiter – With plenty of agencies and recruiters out there it is always hard to decide where you want to go. Make sure to do your research and donโ€™t be afraid to ask questions. Always know that our White Glove team is here for you and are always ready to answer all your questions because we want to make sure to match you with the nursing assignment that is right for you!

Ready to Jump?

If you are ready to jumpstart your travel nursing career. You can view some of our travel nursing jobs through The Gypsy Nurse – or you can reach out to our recruiters at (718) 387-8181 ex 170 and they will be more than happy to help you embark on your first journey with us!

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