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June Nurse of Excellence – Raihana Nuhu, RN

Hey Raihana, we’d love to hear more about you!

Born to a mom who is a nurse, I idolized the stethoscope, scrubs and everything they stood for, envisioning myself wearing it someday. Seeing people happy makes me happy. Like many nurses, the medical line was a definite yes for my career, the only question mark being the specific niche to pin my dreams. My initial plan while doing my pre-med was to become a doctor, yet when we were starting the hands-on experience, I noticed that the nurses held the direct patient role, that truly touched the hearts of patients with direct caring. What I realized was that they did far more than what was known to the public. I wanted to be one of those nurses.

Nursing is fabulous, giving you the opportunity at every corner. Back when I was an NYC resident, then when I relocated to the sunny south state, Florida! A few months ago, when I was traveling back to New York, I was welcomed to incredible offers just again!

How do you find your nursing different than how you envisioned it while studying in nursing school?

When you’re in nursing school, you think bedside nursing. I was sure I’d be running around on the floor, administering medication, and doing just about everything the way it was taught.

But somehow, I found myself in care management, or administrative nursing. The flavor is very different than floor nursing, but I love it. What’s so incredible about it is the ability to create programs to empower the lives of numerous people, not only for home health, but for palliative care too. Additionally, being the rock of support and guidance for patients and their families makes every day worthwhile! Working from home is an added perk to my workbasket, though I must be extra tuned in to keep going and run the treadmill every day to keep my body moving!

What are some non – nursing interests you have that keep you going?

Reading is my favorite, and so is listening to pleasant music! I am a mom of two teenagers, so I’ll give myself credit for being a great mom, enjoying spending time together. Keion, 18, and Aaliyah, 16, are the best friends I could ever have asked for!

Yet out of all my hobbies, Mission trips combines my love for people and my inner calling.

I have been to many countries in Africa, Uganda, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Israel, the Philippines. We usually set up tents in the town square, the word passes from mouth to mouth.

We mainly focus on testing and diagnosing. Sometimes, those communities have people who haven’t seen doctors since birth because well visits are so expensive. Many times, we are able to diagnose serious illness from obvious symptoms.

We also bring awareness by teaching youths about their health, how to keep a better and healthier lifestyle to create an improved future for them.

I am always inspired to see those communities, despite having so little, they want to share with us whatever they have. Happy children roam the streets playing, they greet us, strangers with genuine appreciation and interest.

Is there anything you would like to share with us of someone who inspired you throughout your nursing journey?

 I must take this time to shout out to Dorothy, my White Glove Placement Specialist who inspires me every day! She is always sprite, positive and determined that the day is great, or else she’ll make it be! Thank you, Dorothy, for being there for me, and thank you for everyone on this amazing team!

Any message you would like to impart to more nurses?

It is important to stay mindful and enjoy what we do, to remember why we started out this incredible journey to begin with!


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