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Make November into the Best-Ever Month for Your Career

November is Career Development Month so now is the perfect time to stay on top of your goals. As the clocks fall backward and the holiday insanity starts pushing through, it might feel like you can’t keep up. Lucky for you, we’re here to offer you great tips to stay on top of those goals.

Be More Productive

Don’t let the fall slump take over you! Organize your thoughts and plans by keeping a journal of the things you want to do or work on. Tackle your hard to do tasks early in the day to help get them out of your way so you can get through the rest of your to do lists more easily.

Be Healthier

As easy as it is to break your diet during the holidays, now is not the time to lose track of your health goals. Exercise to help you destress and add in some meditation time to help you center yourself. Remember to reach for healthier foods like fruits and vegetables versus those tempting bag of chips. Make sure to schedule your doctor visits regularly to stay on top of your health as well.

Learn a New Skill

Don’t forget it is never too late to learn a new skill or sign up for courses to help you advance your career. With online courses easily accessible to you, going back to school is within a click of a button.

Network with Colleagues

Networking is so important! Take this time to link up with old colleagues or connect with your friends to see where they’re working and see if they can help refer you. (At White Glove Placement, Inc. we offer our nurses rewards just for referring their friends.)

Link Up with a Recruiter

On the market for something different or ready for a new scenery? Link up with a recruiter to help you find you a better nursing assignment or to help you find something that can strengthen your skillset.

We’re Here for YOU!

Don’t forget our White Glove Placement, Inc. team is here for YOU. We want to see you succeed and we have great job opportunities waiting for you all year round. Link up with one of our recruiters and see how we can help you today!

Refer & Earn

Invite your friends, coworkers, & colleagues to join the White Glove family!