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Quick Guide to Travel Nursing

If you’re a registered nurse looking to become a travel nurse, you might be closer to meeting the requirements than you think. The minimum standards for travel nursing include an active nursing license in the state you plan to practice, relevant certifications for your nursing specialty area, and at least one to two years of experience in your specialty area within the last three years. You must also have current and up-to-date health records, including documentation for flu and TB shots, immunizations, physical tests, titers, blood tests, fit mask tests, and PPDs. If you meet these requirements, you’re most of the way towards becoming a travel nurse.

Getting your license

Acquiring a nursing license in another state can be challenging since every state has its prerequisites. However, conditions that are part of the Nurse Licensure Compact work together to provide universal requirements that can be satisfied by holding a multi-state, compact license, thus simplifying the process. Suppose you need help getting your nursing license in another state. In that case, you can contact a White Glove Placement Specialist to guide you. The certifications needed to become a travel nurse are the same as those required to work in your home state as a staff nurse. Depending on your nursing specialty, you must have up-to-date certifications in your area of expertise.

For example, if you’re an ICU nurse, you’ll likely need Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), or Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certifications.

There are many reasons to become a travel nurse.

Travel Adventures

Some include the opportunity to travel to new places, explore the surrounding area, and experience different climates during different parts of the year.

Higher Salary

Travel nurses can also take home a higher salary than staff nurses in many states, and they can gain experience by adjusting to and mastering various settings quickly.


Furthermore, travel nursing offers more flexibility than a staff nurse since you can frequently schedule your contracts around holidays or vacation plans.


Travel nursing can also provide an opportunity for personal growth as nurses deal with the inherent stressors of moving to and working in a new city, meeting new people, and navigating new challenges.

Career Growth

If your career goal is to ultimately move up the ladder and become a charge nurse or chief nursing officer, having experience in various facilities can expedite your understanding and optimization of different hierarchical structures and organizations.

Making Friends

Finally, travel nursing provides a networking opportunity as you meet new people and can create potential opportunities for yourself.

If you’re ready to find travel nursing opportunities, hop onto the jobs page and explore the possibilities

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