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Thanksgiving Contest 2023 **Extended**

We were delighted with all incoming submissions from caregivers who expressed gratitude for themselves during Thanksgiving and the following days. As healthcare professionals, it’s easy to forget to care for ourselves while caring for others. This promotion encouraged all hardworking individuals to take some time off and indulge in well-deserved pampering. We are extending this promotion for another month to enable more caregivers to say THANK YOU, ME!

You can either tag us @whiteglovenursing or submit your video HERE.

A Thanksgiving Contest: Did You Say Thank You.. Me?

Don’t miss out! To join us, keep scrolling until you hit the page’s end.

Have you thought about how to show some love and appreciation to the people in your life this Thanksgiving season?

Your neighbors, friends, parents, colleagues, and supervisors deserve recognition for their impact on your life. However, amidst all the excitement, we don’t want you to forget about the most incredible person in your life- that person who is always there for you, the one who supports you through thick and thin, the one who you often forget to appreciate enough.

Can you guess who it is? Yes, it’s you! You are amazing and deserve recognition and love from yourself, too. Take a moment to reflect on all the beautiful things about yourself- your strengths, accomplishments, kind heart, unique qualities, and everything else that makes you special.

You are one of a kind, and you should take the time to appreciate yourself.

So come join us. Say it loudly. “Thank you, me” for all that you do!

Submit Your thank you video and receipt of purchase and we will reimburse up to $20



Gift yourself with a most beautiful and special gift



Record how you present the gift to yourself thanking yours truly for all you do



Submit Your thank you video with the receipt of purchase and we will reimburse up $20


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