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Why Our Recruitment Teams Stands Out

White glove passionate recruiters are rockstars at their jobs because they are driven by a genuine fondness for what they do. They pride themselves as masters in matchmaking, an art involving efficient procedures, expert communication skills, and organized, result-focused strategies. Esther Malie, Senior Recruitment Manager, sometimes cites the quote by John Valtellina, Founder & CEO of Recruiting Toolbox: “How you hire impacts who you hire.” But then adds a gig of her own: “Who hires that impacts how you hire.” Ask anybody. We have talented recruiters who are faithfully caring.

Ever thought how White Glove recruiters feel about their job?

Meet Kristy Kay, zealous in her role. She loves working under pressure setting small goals to stay motivated. You’ll never see her drowning in cups of coffee, but you may sometimes find her adorable puppy, Snoopy, sitting under her desk in her makeshift home office! (Don’t dare tell her we told you that.) More than her frequent travels or the new languages she studies, she credits the White Glove nurses for constantly inspiring her to keep her engine running.

Watch the video here, or if you prefer reading, here’s the transcript!

“Every day, I meet and work with skilled, dedicated, selfless, courageous healthcare professionals who make a difference in many lives.

Knowing how much they go through at work, physically and mentally, makes me want to express my appreciation and gratitude by making a caregiver’s job as seamless as possible.

It’s the best feeling to know that by working with the best healthcare professionals, my colleagues and I indirectly impact patient care.

And most importantly – we believe that our health is in good hands.”

ABC of White Glove Recruitment

Sometimes ponder the little nuances creating the makeup of the company you love working with?

We’ll divulge our biggest trait secrets, the critical values of our recruiting strategies. Whether you recognized those standards during our shared experience or felt them without pinning them, get to know our set-in-stone values, the rules of thumb White Glove recruiters know like the palm of their hand.

Act Fast

There is no time to play when your placement is in the balance. White Glove recruiters respond to applications immediately. They expertly maneuver your resume to the best options, whether the nursing market stands bull or bear. Our turnaround rates are 34% faster than other healthcare staffing agencies.

We encourage recruiters to submit files to several open jobs simultaneously. This way, although you may not be approved for your preferred offer, the second best will be ready for you!

Be Knowledgeable

We share the sentiment that knowledge is a powerful tool that influences action. Before vetting a job for our nurses, we require recruiters to get acquainted with every nook and cranny of the position. They will familiarize themselves with the expectations of the hospital or facility and be versed in other details relevant to White Glove nurses. Factors like patient ratios and the cost of living in the area. As gurus in the market, White Glove Recruiters will properly determine suitable matches to meet your expectations and preferences.

White Glove recruiters just get it.

Communication is Key

Rule of thumb: Always keep nurses in the know! Clipped right onto the refrigerator door storing the leftover cakes of staff birthday parties, the salad from our vegetarian employees, and milk for coffee to keep us all alive, we have this little bulletin card showcased.

  • Provide complete information with utmost transparency of the rate breakdown from the start.
  • Keep nurses updated at every breath of the process, no matter how minute the progress.
  • Upon getting approval, outline the details of the onboarding process.
  • Communicate all the benefits to ensure nurses can take advantage of our exclusive perks.

Data + Heart

Data and heart are two critical components that work hand in hand at White Glove. Though many companies are moving towards a complete data-driven process, it is vital to understand the emotional aspect to enable matching jobs personally. Our friendly, intuitive recruiters are practical and empathetic at identifying the job with the right personality type for everyone. Data is but a tool we use to gain valuable insights and drive informed decisions.

Ease the Start

Have you ever had those days where you brush your hair too many times, feel queasy after a night of interrupted sleep, and have butterflies in your stomach? If this is you the night before an assignment, it’s good to know that you are far not alone. More than 80% of nurses feel apprehensive before beginning a new job. Our goal is to make the adjustments seamless for you. White Glove recruiters and staffing coordinators will prepare you for what to expect on your first day. Off you go with confidence to make the right first impression!

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